Confused About LP Warps...How Can I Tell??

Hello Good People,

What are the different types of warps you find when inspecting an LP? How do I know which is which??

Is it bad for my cartridge (Dynavector 10X5) to play these??

Most importantly - when I'm shopping for used LP's, how can I detect a warp when I'm viewing the record at the store??

Seems like a lot of the used LP's I bring home lately are making my tonearm "surf some waves" - so I'm trying to avoid this!

Any help is most appreciated - and feel free to call me ignorant!
as long is it plays uninterupted, you and your needle are ok.
To check for warps when browsing the used bins: pull the LP from the sleeve (which you do anyway to check for overall condition, right?), lay the jacket and sleeve on reasonably flat surface, lay the LP on top of the sleeve, see if the LP generally makes contact with the sleeve/jacket around its circumference. Any significant warping will be reasonably apparent.

As to playback, I follow Jaybo's advice.
If I am suspicious of a warp, I look at the LP edgewise and line it up with a corner. Then turn the LP a quarter turn and check visually again. This is 'good enough', as if I cannot see any problem, it will play just fine. (The 'lay it flat' is good too.)
I've found the only fool proof way to check for a warp is to place the record on a turntable and spin it around - very obvious when you do this. Unless I really want the record I don't buy warped records as they are virtually impossible to dewarp. That said, I do own a few warped records and as long as the warp is not severe they play fine.


Thanx for the playing a slightly warped record is not going to shorten the life of a stylus or do anything else harmful??