Confused about Cayin's Intergrated listings....

The web site shows the A88T and TA35. The For Sale listings show a MT35 and TA30. Old/new models under new names? I'm looking for an intergrated that would match up to the Jadis DA30, or DA60. Preferably to the DA60's power. The MT35 has 4 EL34's + 6 pre tubes. This is the model I'm most interested in. Ideas?
In other words I have a Jadis Orchestra Reference, But I want to UPGRADE. Is the GRANDE EL34 Cayin a upgrade? Yes ,NO? Maybe? Anyone know?
Bartokfan, Try emailing Paul at Bizzy Bee Audio, the distributor/dealer for the TA-30. He's knowledgeable, willing to answer all questions patiently. He's at "" Good luck.
In my opinion, Jadis Orchestra Reference is one of the finest Integrated amplifiers ever made. To sum-up your question, that would be one big NO!
There's not enough slam/punch in the orchestra/driving a pr of old Philips 2 ways. So I plan to get a pr of Seas Thor's/Tyler's U7's. The big 734 should give me that extra boost, for alot less money than a used DA60. On the right track?
BTW, got an email, the 734A is the big brother to the TA30.