confused about Bel Canto Products

I like the many praises the Bel Canto gear has received, however, I don't understand their thought process. You have a CD2, cd player that only outputs 24/96 to a Dac 3.5 mkII both of which require you to purchase the VSB power supply along with seperate power unbilicals and a separate connection between the CD2 and Dac 3.5 and if you want USB you have to purchase a separate USB unit and it won't connect to the the VSB power supply. I am considering them vs. the Simaudio 750d but with all considered they are more expensive and seem to be less qualified, all while taking up the space of 2 normal size devices rather than one. Can anyone help me understand their logic?
Simple, money no object. Some agree, some do not.
Couple of quick points...

~You do not have to use the VBS1 to power the 3.5 or CD2. You can also opt for the LNS1 at a lower price. And the CD2 comes with a standard power supply.

~You could also go for the CD3t as a transport, instead of the CD2 to lower the overall price.

~You have 3 different Asynch/USB converter options, 2 of which run of bus power.

The Bel Canto thought process is to give customers upgrade options and flexibility. With the BC setup you are considering, you can start out with the standard units at the basic price, and add cable upgrades, power upgrades, USB converter upgrades as you see fit.

With the Sim, what you have is what you have (not that that is a bad thing).

***Bel Canto dealer disclaimer***
goldprint got it right from what I have read.