Ok guys,after many nights of researching on a separate phono pre,i know if i have $700,the best choice is EAR 834P,but unfortunatly i can only spend 3-400 at the moment,and there are just too many choices and the more i read about them,the more i get confused.i am narrowing it down to only a few.
1, monolithic ps1&Hc1
2, clearaudio basic
3, stick with the internal phono til i can get the EAR 834p
i have a clearaudio level II,mod RB300 arm, benz glider (.82Mv) guys
Save up for the EAR.
Not to confuse you further, but I just picked up a Camelot Lancelot Pro battery powered mm/mc phono stage for under $500, $1K new, and it sounds really fantastic. Highly recommended at used or even new prices.
If you can live with an MM-only phono pre, then I recommend the Antique Sound Labs ini Phono, an extremely musical and capable tubed phono unit - like the EAR 834 - which retails for roughly $250 new. Throw in some matched quality tubes for an extra $50. Once you consider used units as well as new, then choice depends on availability while you're hunting. Good luck.
Very simple, TTRHP. You already have at least something that works- why spend more money something that you really don't want? Take a deep breath, wait a couple months while you save $300 by not buying other things you also don't want (audio and otherwise), then get something you really, actually, truly, honestly want.

Patience, Grasshopper.

I went the 834P route a while back and I whole heartedly agree with Jimbo. If you are going to make a change save up and get the 834P.
My vote is for the Monolithic Sound PS1/HC1 combo. A good, trustable source tells me it is better than the PS2. It will definitely be quieter than the EAR and it is a smaller/cheaper relative (circuit topology wise) of the classic Klyne phono stages.

With the money saved you coul get a decent power cord, some cones and exotic wood blocks. Think about it...