I need some guidance here......Have a pair of Jaton A&V 803's that I really like and I'm looking for a good amp/preamp combo to drive them. I listen to a lot of different types of music (from Bruce to Hayden) and the room isn't particularly big. Speakers are 91db and a 4ohm load.

Really not looking at tubes (low maintenance) and looking to spend about $4K or so for the combination. Used gear is fine.

So far my best ideas are Simaudio, Modwright (yes I know the preamp has tubes) or Classe.

I'm not that adroit on current gear, and really need some help. Looking for a versatile set up that will last many years.

Thx for your ideas!
I would consider an Ayre 7 or a used BAT 300.
Zd542's reco's are pretty good, but I'd keep my eye out for a Jeff Rowland Concentra II integrated amp if I were in your situation.