Conflicting Mcintosh info

Hi All. I am considering purchasing the recently discontinued C50 preammp. There are two authorized dealers in my area. One has a new one in factory sealed box, the other his floor display that has never left the store  and has all packing materials. The dealer with the display assures me the Mcintosh 3 year warranty is valid. The dealer with the new in box insisits I forfeit the warranty for demo units even though I am within the dealers designated territory and would be purchasing in person. Which dealer is correct? Thanks for any input!


The Warranty is good as long as you are the 1st owner (original buyer) of the unit. The dealer with the display model is correct, as long as it was not a return from another customer.


Matt M  

Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it. I went ahead and purchased the display. I plan on mating it with the MC302

Congratulations, you'll love the sound.
If the C50 was "recently" discontinued, McIntosh will honor the warranty. However, Mcintosh will be quick to inform you that they will NOT honor the warranty if the demo model was discontinued beyond a specific period of time. Don't believe the dealer, call McIntosh before you buy it. Otherwise, your warranty will be from the dealer only. Believe me, I learned the hard way.
I just reread the above postings and realize that you have already purchased the unit. Sorry for my late response. Best of luck. 
Hi tonykay. The C50 was discontinued 9/2015 so I am good to go. I checked with McIntosh and they warranty products as long as they are purchased within 12 months of the item being discontinued. I went online and registered it and have received email confirmation that it was accepted.