Configuration Questions

My system comprises a Musical Fidelity B1 integrated amp, a pair of B&W DM 610i's, and a Cambridge Audio DacMagic.

I love my amp but it hasn't a volume control, so I purchased a Creek OBH-10 preamp with volume control. So now I have DacMagic --> Creek Preamp --> Musical Fidelity integrated amp.

Here's the question: what is the best way to use the integrated and the preamp together? I'm currently using the CD input, setting the volume on the integrated amp at about as high of a volume as I would ordinarily listen (somewhere about 1.5/10) and then am using the upper end of the preamp volume range. Does this make sense? Is there a better way to do this?

Thank you for reading.
I do not understand your post. If it is an integrated amp then it has a volume control; what is it you are setting at 1.5 if not a volume control? Why do you need to use 2 preamps; that is what you are doing? Do you mean it does not have a REMOTE volume control? In theory you should open one volume control all the way as that takes it out of the circuit to a great degree. In practice results will vary with the gear involved. If the pre has a remote I would try the int. vol. control wide open and start the Creek at the bottom and see how this works but as I say do it the way YOU think sounds best. All line level inputs on the MF SHOULD be the same so you could use any but the phono input if it has one. I use to sell A-1s but it was long ago and far away.
Please check you MF piece again, sounds like you have a MF power amp and not an integrated amp, unless your B1 is missing the volume control...I had a MF B1 for a very short time
I'm sorry--I'm adding the Creek preamp solely for the remote control. The B1 is indeed an integrated amp.

So the question, then, what is the best volume configuration. If the B1 is cranked full open, that would result in background noise to some degree.

I'm not sure about behavior of the so-called passive preamps; do they like operating at the higher volume level or no? Also, what does that mean for the signal that sends to the B1 amp?
Integrated amps having no pre out/amp in jacks leaves your method as the only way to use your components as you wish. You will however have to play with the volume control on both the amp and the preamp levels to find the best medium of signal to noise.
How do you like your Dac Magic? I am considering it.
Creek also makes a remote volume control with no active circuitry. I have one of them as well as a 22 passive pre I use with my HT set up.
I think the original DACmagic sounds amazing especially if you use the Pangea power supply with it. The original "magic" has a crappy USB system so if you're going to use that (I don't with mine) feature get the new "plus" version or one of the other 10,506 DACs out there with better USB features. The original "magics" are discontinued now so they're really inexpensive as NOS or even cheaper used, and still hold up.
I've had mine for a couple of years now, so I don't know about current offerings. I absolutely love mine. I have an older CD player with a digital audio out, and the DacMagic has breathed new life into it. It goes without saying that using it with my computer for playing digital files makes all of the difference in the world.

I may need to purchase a USB-SPDIF converter to get the full benefit, but overall, I'm as happy as a clam.
Thanks for the Dac Magic feedback, the new plus version may be just what I need as it seems more flexible than most. Just concerned about the sound and the reliability.
You can hear differences with everything, but I have to say when I've compared modern DACs to one another it gets really tough...maybe more so than with most other components.
I haven't compared my old DacMagic to the new DacMagic plus, so I can't comment on the difference (except the the Plus accommodates 24 bit USB as opposed to 16 bit). Nonetheless, even the old DacMagic gave new life to my system.