Configuration Help with New Display/Source

I am finally upgrading my main HT display to one of the new Sammy 3D plasmas which is replacing an ancient Mitsu RPT. I also plan to finally get a Blu Ray Player along with some sort of Mac server configuration.

My current components for this system include the Lexicon MC-1 pre/pro, Linn 5125 amp, an ancient Pioneer elite dvd player, HD cable box running a 5.1 set up with all Linn speakers. I hope to add an Apple Mini / Apple TV / Blu Ray player to this sytem in the future. Since the speakers are partly built in, they are staying. My 2nd set up consists of an older Hitachi Director series 1080I display with the Meridian G 91A running 5200s with the G91 having replaced my Meridian 568/596/506 set up which I still have. I am hoping to use whatever I already have but intriqued of getting a new receiver/processor for the new display with updated connections to make future source additions easier.

Option 1: New display, G91A (only 1 hdmi), Linn 5125 amp, HD cable box, Blue Ray Player, Mac Mini, etc
Option 2: New display, New Marantz/Arcam/Denon Reciever, HD cable box, Blu Ray player, Mac Mini, etc
Option 3: New display, New Pre/Pro, Linn 5125 amp, etc
Option 4: any recommedations ?

Besides the new display and future sources, I am setting a budget of about $1500 for any new or used pre/pro/receiver component as I don't need more then a 5.1 set up. I also would like to have some 3D options as well. Our use for the new set up is mostly movies/video streaming as I use sonos for my central audio programming. I have been out of the audio/video loop for the past 7 years, but after having 4 kids, ready to get back in slowly. I am looking at ease of set up and use. Thanks !
If you already have amplification, I suggest a pre/pro hands down. Many choices for your $1500.00 budget. Here are a few suggestions and links.

Integra DHC-9.9

Marantz AV8003

NAD T175

Just to name a few.

I understand your speakers are partially built in. I'm an advocate of 7.1 and especially matrixed 5.1 media into a 7.1 array. The advantage of having a much clearer localization of dialogue and/or effects through the LCR speakers is huge. The addition of the side speakers creates a much more discrete surround effect that is simply way more fun.

The combination of a new display, modern pre/pro or receiver with room correction, and two more speakers will transform your HT to a truly new experience. Remember, room size is not a 7.1 factor.
Thanks Willand for the recommendations. That is probably my preference as well as the Linn 5125 does a fine job. I will definitely look into these pre/pro suggestions. Any others you can recommend that not only is a good match with the Linn 5125 but good for both movies/music, and integrate well with future sources such as a Blu Ray player, movie server, mac mini, etc ?
Thanks !
Thanks Vicdamone. 7.1 sounds quite intriguing and foreign to me. I will have to look into that as I finalize my choices as it seems like most of the new pre/pro components and receivers all offer 7.1. As I continue my research, where do the other 2 speakers go and does that mean I will have to get another amp ? Thanks !