Confidence c1 vs cremona auditor m vs proac d28

I am on the last legs of a long search for a new hi fi system and would appreciate some feedback on your experience/thoughts of the dynaudio confidence c1 vs the sonus faber cremona auditor m vs the proac d28. I listen to acoustic jazz, brazilian music, african music, classic pop e.g Sinatra and classic rock e.g. Beatles and Steely Dan. My room is about 12 feet by 20 feet and plan to have the speakers on the long wall. Also, I'm thinking of a system with Naim separates like the Naim 202 and 200, with a Naim cd5xs cd player or the Ayre ax 7e integrated with the Ayre cd7xe cd player. I might also augment the solid state with a Cayin 88 or Rogue Cronus tube amp. Again your thoughts and experiences about all this are very much appreciated.
I haven't heard the Proac but when I was on my speaker search I auditioned the SF Cremora M's and thought they were quite good and a little laid back but a tad pricey (what isn't). A couple of weeks later I met a new local Dynaudio dealer. From the minute I heard the C1's my speaker search was over. Pretty much the same price but there is something really special about the Dyn's. Also the dealer is a Naim dealer and that is one sweet combo. Sorry but I haven't heard the Ayre either. I've had the C1's for about 18 months and just love them.

My room is close to yours and have my system on the long wall too. I do have a Rel B3 sub which adds the right weight to the music when dialed in. That being said it wasn't until I upgraded from the stock Rel cable to a Nordost baseline (Rel spec) did the magic with the 'sub bass' match up with the speed of the Dyn's.

You seem to have nice choices and if all possible try to audition them in your home in your room.
Sorry to say I am not a fan of Sonus Fabers although there are many fans out there, some which include my friends. Out of the three I would pick either the C1 or D28. The C1's are bookshelves while the D28's are floorstanders. It is a matter of preference which speaker you would pick. The D28 will give you deeper bass with considerably more low-end impact than the C1. The C1's midrange will sound cleaner with more extended high-frequencies. The Naim 202/200/NAPSC/Hi-cap will drive both Proac D28 and Dynaudio C1's superbly.
Hi, I too have not been a fan of sonus fabers, but three different dealers who sell both the sonus faber auditor m and the confidence c1, while praising the c1, thought that the auditor m was somewhat more musical and one described it as magical, thus peaking my interest. To my friend Xti16, what wires did you use -- one naim dealer who also sells nordost recommends the naim wires.