Confessions of a drug taker/tonearm tweek

I have a mild case of tinnitus and have been taking a dose of 250 mg of Magnesium a day for about two months, to help with my affliction. I’ve been listening to my records tonight and noticed a hollow sound, in between cuts. After some investigating, I noticed it was my head shell on my VPI Signature JMW 9T tonearm. I could lightly peck on the head shell and hear this “hollow” microphonic sound. I applied a small circle of Sorbothane to the top of the head shell and readjusted to the proper tracking force. Wow! What a difference. The hollow sound is completely gone. This reminds me when I was a kid and placed a penny on the tone arm to play records that had a skip. I know-sounds a little ghetto, but it works. My hearing is getting better, after taking the Magnesium. I’m able to pick up indiscernible sounds, that we’re not apparent to me before. For those of you who have the same tonearm, you may want to try this. Either that, or write me off as certifiable. Cartridge Is a Dynavector DRT XV-1s
You've damped the microphony. Not a fan of Sorbothane. Make sure you haven't lost something in terms of resolution, speed, and transparency.
Good job!  I remember the penny trick LOL!!!
... if you get medicated with marijuana instead of magnesium .... it will sound even better!