Confessions from a VPI owner of some 30 years

I would like to start with a humble apology to the OP of a thread I recently (overtook) for personal reasons. smrex13, I apologize to you and hope your audio journey going forward is joyous!

To donvito101, I made my remarks personal and for this I apologize.

I checked for remarks from yesterday on the "VPI Prime noise issues" (2 threads, why, I don't know) . I still find it odd that VPI did not remark on smrex13' original thread, only to his last thread that ended, "not VPI's fault".

I've had a couple of issues since purchasing my VPI Classic 3 SE Sig. one year ago. I sent, (through my dealer), an initial question about the arm tower's operation on Feb 2016. I was told it would be forwarded to VPI. As of today, I've not received one comment.

I've recently, in the past 3 months, had a vibration issue through the 3D arm when the SDS is set at 33rpm. It is not noticeable at 45 rpm. I feel it through the finger lift.

I've tried oiling the motor, cleaning the belt & new talcum, the spindle bearing is just like recommended with the proper grease etc...

I relayed all of this through my dealer who asked for pictures and I sent them. This was two weeks ago. As of today, not one word. Because of my last question through my dealer in Feb w/ no response, I'm a little weary.

OK. So, my position is.... I should go through the proper channels. The dealer, right? VPI has their sales set up through a dealer network. This, I assume, is to take a burden off of them so they can be focused on manufacturing?

We/I/ you, pay a premium for this? I assume it's around 100% added to the actual cost of manufacturing. So, if I have an issue, I should follow the way VPI has their dealer network set up and take my concerns to the dealer. If this is not the way things should work, why then, doesn't VPI just sell directly? We/me/the end user could save BIG BUCKS.

That's pretty much the whole issue. I have no idea why VPI does not want to make any effort to settle this issue.


My my experiences with VPI customer service has been beyond exemplary.  I find the folks at VPI to be warm and gracious folks.  I purchased a USED two tonearm Classic 4 through Audiogon.  The table was rated 9/10.  When I set up the table, there was A very annoying hum, particularly at 33 rpm, but also present at 45 rpm.  Obviously not a 9/10 condition.  I contacted Harry, he responded quickly with several ideas for me to try.  None of these worked.  

I then delivered the table to VPI, luckily I live a drive able distance saving shipping.  Harry greeted me like a long lost friend!  He insisted that he help me unload the table which he recognized immediately.  Long story short, VPI kept the table for 3 weeks.  They installed a new motor, a new motor mount, replaced the needle tonearm bearings, machined and installed a metal cover for the bottom of the table,thoroughly lubricated and cleaned the table and changed me NOTHING!  Remember, this was a Four year old table purchased used through Audiogon!  By the way, this was Harry Pierson's turntable that had been obviously used very hard.

VpI, great service!!

ewah, gigabit,

OK. You have had different issues that haven't gone on for such a long period.

As I've reported, Mat has responded, according to him, I'll be receiving a (new arm that he says will take care of all of my issues). This was after I sent him all of my past 10 months or so emails to my dealer w/ pictures.

This is a BIG thing! I wish I did not have to go to the measures I did but......

Mat is responding on Christmas Eve! So, while I still have concerns, he's stepping up to the plate.

I could micro-diagnose his late response but,... Why?

Let's all relax now, please?

I'll keep everyone posted.


I've been a VPI customer for years.  Most of the time I dealt directly with Harry and he was always gracious and helpful.  Now, I deal with Mat and experience the same level of support.  I've only dealt with them through the Internet ether and don't know either personally.  They get busy but I've never felt they were trying to avoid me or blow me off.  I have no local dealer so this support is important to me.  I have no doubt they make mistakes.  Don't we all?
I have always received gracious and excellent customer service from Harry.
I just wanted to say.  I have a Scoutmaster I purchased new.  VPI has provided amazing support over the years.  I have fully upgraded my table with every option they have offered including some that were off path.  I have never had a bad experience and have worked with both Harry and Mat.  I would never hesitate to recommend a VPI table.