What artist or music do you like, that generally you won't play around your wife or friends/family, because you may fear mockery, or not enjoy it, out of being misunderstood, because they don't/wont "get it"

sorry for the wrong use of quotation marks.

Be brave and tell..

OR.... maybe it's just me, and I'm too self conscience.

Here's one of mine.

Antonio Carlos Jobim

I think he was great,my wife looked at me like I'm nuts and was starting to like elevator muzak.

Jobim's great, especialy his TIDE album.

Anyone else? Please tell!
The Carpenters, Karen's voice and her brother's orchestration are something special. My Wife and Son chuckle when I play them so it done when they are not home. Give a listen to "Superstar" it's stunning!
I like ABBA, the group that many guys like but won't admit ....publicly....with their real name.

I love it..

Hey, Me too with the Carpenters,I mean, I like them too, you have inspired me to get the recordings! lol..
Just finished listening to Drums and Tuba, "Battles Ole." This should qualify but there are many others.
Great looking system Timrhu! I wish I could check it out.

Oh ya,Todd Rundgren is another,I like his music but I'm Philosophically against his slant. So, I love and Hate listening to his music,weird huh.. "the Individualist" comes to mind,great music,bogus philosophy, IMO.

Your philosophy/world view may vary..

Respectfully, Mcgarick
Almost anything Nat "King" Cole did, his voice is one of the few that can for me, be listened to for hours. On those few albums where he plays piano, it just gets better.
Yes. That's the worst thing I can say for myself. What do you want, I grew up in the '70's.
When nothing but cheez whiz will do, I dig into my secret stash of Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams, and/or Aqua. My wife has finally given up her mockery after it's become clear that my one-year old son is a dyed in the wool Aqua fan--now she's outnumbered two to one!
I don't have that problem.
It's not just when the wife and kids catch you listening, it's when they catch you singing and dancing when they come home unexpectedly. By the way, I do a wicked version of "Dancing Queen" by you know who...that Swedish group.

Britney Spears. She rocks.
When she was alive, bluegrass. Anything with the high lonesome sound.
I'm not sheepish about anything I like - it all fits one mood or another, and I like a pretty wide range of stuff.

Reading the audio rags, I'm always amused by the discussion of "guilty pleasure" listening - what the heck is there to feel a sense of "guilt" about? I'm into audio and music because they make me happy, period - there isn't, and doesn't have to be, any higher order aspiration to it than that.

I once read that Guns 'N Roses "Appetite For Destruction" was MoFi's biggest selling Gold CD (before their bankruptcy and re-emergence). That tells me a lot of people share my passion :-)

Never, ever be embarassed by Todd Rundgren! Although his philosophy may not be your cup of tea (I presume you mean his vaguely spacey zen-liberal musings), for my money the guy ranks up there with Brian Wilson and Lennon/Macca as the greatest pop songcrafter of my lifetime. I would certainly acknowledge that he experiments even more aggressively - and often less successfully - than either of the above (Zappa comes to mind). OTOH, if you were to compile all of his great successes in one box, you'd have an astonishing set.

As to what is really embarassing:

I'm a big fan of "General" Johnson, the lead singer of the group Chairmen of the Board. You may remember the song "Just Gimme a Little More Time". Johnson also wrote, among many other songs, "Patches" - one of the sappiest lyrics ever penned through the course of human history! I smile every time I cue it up.


BTW - fun thread.
I'm like Kthomas, like too many genres to afford feeling guilty. I suppose I'm particularly fond of really obscure stuff from the late 60's, early 70's, listening to this stuff really brings to mind the zeitgeist of a unique moment in time.

Just last night, Dana Gillespie, what a find! In the past few weeks music by Mellow Candle, Principle Edwards Magic Theatre, Stud, Giles,Giles & Fripp, Man, Horslips, Sweet Smoke, Wendy/Walter Carlos.
Great thread on guilty pleasures. Barry Manilow! His early songs had incredible hooks, and his live album featured his VSM (Very Strange Medley), which was a string of all the commercial jingles he had written. I also enjoyed some of my kid's tween pop albums from a few years ago (Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys). Lastly, I have a Beth Nielson Chapman album I can't get rid of- it's stunning.
Nena...The Band and the Singer...German language CD's..and yep, i don't know German.
OK, some people are talking about guilty pleasures.

That is NOT really what this thread is about.

It's about listening to music in shared spaces with other people.

That may not share you enthusiasm for the music.

Most of the time its not worth playing certain Artists, if the people in the house respond negative.

Jobim's one artists I can't play around my wife because I know she doesn't like him.

What wont you spin in your house out of concern that you might cause an uproar,and/or unintended fleeing of persons in the house. I suppose this could include someones guilty pleasures, but I'm not saying there is any Guilt involved.

Maybe more a consideration of others than a real fear of there response,although my wife can be/get pretty scary..

This is just for fun.
Aerosmith "Pink" from Nine Lives Album

"I presume you mean his vaguely spacey zen-liberal musings"


Hey Martykl, Have you heard Todd's song, Buffalo grass,

It's freakin awesome.


99 luftballons is a great song and even now can get the old feet tapping along.

"99 luftballons is a great song and even now can get the old feet tapping along"

Ya, they should have done a follow up!!

I love that song and do the saftey dance to it,holding long strand of tin foil,

I,m Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
99 Luftbalons ....ha...!!

How about..

Kamakamakamakamakamakamakamakama chameleon....


The reflex....taa na naa....the reflex....taa na naa....the reflex....taa na naa....the reflex....taa na naa.....the reflex....flex flex flex flex flex!

....or perhaps I've "gone to far this time...."
Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and the Monkeys. Radio only though.
Shadorne, nah going to far is
Muppets - Mana Mana or
Father Abraham and the Smurfs- the smurf song.

What David Bowie and the Laughing Gnome?
How about Kenny G???
Hall and Oates.
What about 'be my girl, sally' by the 'Police'?
Now where's my pump?
I don't play Yes around my family or friends because they would look at me like I'm crazy. Only a few people I've known have ever understood the genius of the seminal recording "Yessongs."
Big bass shake your bootie rap
My humps - BEP
Sometimes when I am alone in my home I sneak upstairs and pull out my 12" DISCO single play Lp's
Sometimes when I am alone in my home I sneak upstairs and pull out my 12" DISCO single play Lp's

You can still find some of these on CD...."Flashback Faves" and "Retro Remixes" and such as Duran Duran "Strange Behaviour"...and yes the sound was awesome on those 12" singles and you can rediscover some of that magic on these CD's (I had a huge 12" 45 RPM collection in the days before CD's - and these sounded way better than how they mastered standard LP's - often huge dynamics - love the sound of most of those)

Anyone who wants to dabble in this - simply download Grace Jones "Slave to the Rhythm - Hot Blooded Mix" from iTunes burn it to CD audio and queue it up....amazing sound even from a compressed file that makes a mockery of modern recordings!
Tom Tom Club-Wordy Rappinghood 12" version.

Now you are talking.
I just purchased and listened to The Archies Greatest hits.
The Jackson's "Destiny" album because I like to "dance, shout, and shake my body down to the ground"!
Pamela's oratorio with Tommy's ensemble...
Simply Red.....I am so embarrassed! Good thing that when my system reach its final stages of refinement, these CDs were unlistenable for such compression!

Not listened to them in a while!
Jb8312 , I use two cuts on Simply Red's Picture Book LP for reference's.Shame on me,I guess.
Simply Red.....I am so embarrassed! Good thing that when my system reach its final stages of refinement, these CDs were unlistenable for such compression!

Huh? Picture Book is a very well recorded album - so they can't be all bad.
I've found that nothing clears out a room faster than Albert Ayler's "Live in Greenwich Village" LP. My wife runs screaming from the room when this one goes on. I have had few takers but that doesn't dampen my love for this music one bit.
Room clearing...try Lou Reed "Live - Take No Prisoners"
This evening, I listened to Simple Red's "Stars" album and thought it was well-recorded. I'm not admitting to being a fan though. Have only listened to the disc about 6 times in 15 years but just put it on today (the Transporter makes it easy to listen to stuff you never listen to) for something easy after work and thought it sounded quite good. The best I'd ever heard it. My latest system made the difference on that.

As an aside have you had that happen? That is, listen to a disc you never particularly liked on your latest system and find a good synergy that made you re-assess the disc. I've had that happen a few times since I put together my latest system.
Liz and her kids and even my friends have finished laughing at me years ago as they now know I listen to some music for its lyrics, some for its musical power and some for its recorded quality. It took a few explanations to get everyone to understand and I bet they still may laugh and mock me in secret but I do think they get me. Actually I feel more inclined to explain some of my pop music to my audio buds way before the casual listener, audiophiles are just as guilty of judgement when it comes to mass market music...........but if Bob Dylan made most any song it would have instant cred, go figure.
I like your post Chadnliz,
what you said is true of me too. Different music has it different enjoyment factors and you may not like aspects of it, like the lyrics say, but the power of the musics wonderful,and so on and so forth,Yes,well put.
Hank Mizell.
As far as my room clearing choices go:

early Phillip Glass (Northstar)
a fair bit of Frank Zappa's and Tom Waits' repertoire will usually do the trick
the first Feelies cd
half my Zydeco collection - nothing like fiddle and accordian to send them screaming from the sofa
the demented alt country band 16 Horsepower is an acquired taste, for sure

Many others, too. I listen anyway...screw 'em!

Nora Jones

- though my GF hates Rickie Lee Jones.
The Monkees
Chuck Mangione
"The Monkees
Chuck Mangione"


- "though my GF hates Rickie Lee Jones".