Cones for the computer?

Anyone else experimented/ing with isolating your computer for resonances?

I've just begun experimenting, but was curious to hear other's experiences.

I can't imagine why it would be any better or worse than using it on your other equipment.
A friend of mine has made his rips sound significantly better by placing Vibracones underneath his DVD ripping drive. I have always cleaned, demagnetized, and destaticed my CDs before ripping. If the PC is in your music room, then it is affected by vibration. If it vibrates it affects the sound.
I realize this might be a little hard to believe but for the best sound cones should be used under everything, including tables, couches and book cases.
MapleShade offers a product that isolates a laptop. A 2 inch thick maple base on 'Isoblocks' and three radiused brass footers for a laptop.
Right now I've got my MacBook pro up on some FIM cones, and I am ready to state that I won't be going back.
Mine sits on a small bicycle inner tube. Don't know why it sounds better but it does. I've had it on there for a couple years.
The computer case have rubber feet, but i feel like is not enough. Anyone tried this:
Single - those look interesting (& the price ain't bad); but I haven't tried them.

I have, however, tried Final Labs Daruma under my computer. They're a ball bearing item that lets it move similar (I think) to those. And I preferred cones under my computer. Obviously YMMV.

Please let us know how it goes, if you end up trying them.

All equipment whicg carry complex electrical signal, like radiotelescope, electronic microscope etc MUST use vinration control. For example, average electronic microscope has more then $100k worth devices on it

For our Musica Pristina Players end-users we recommend to utilize Still Points. Even least expensive mini-ULTRA dramatically improves sound. WE use them for our flagship but internally only - and we can hear the difference.