Cones for amp stands....

I might make my own maple amp stands and I would appreciate a couple of links as to where I can get brass cones.


Here is a link for you-

I purchased two sets of the Viablue 38mm. They have a good selection, decent prices and great customer service.
A lot of people sell cheap brass cones. I have used cones that I had made for me by a local machine shop, and cones made by others. The best sounding cones I have used came from The quality of the brass is better and the geometry of the cones is better. Cheap brass cones discolor too fast, if that's an issue for you...

I replaced all the DIY cones a while ago and have not been disappointed. Starsound showed some new designs at the RMAF that may or may not be one the site already.
Thanks to all for your input. Here`s my situation...One stand will hold my cdp and the other stand will hold my int. amp. The deck is carpet over concrete. I`m assuming cones would be the best way to go. If there are any other suggestions I`d like to hear them.
Look for the Adona line of products advertised on Audiogon. They equal the performance of their higher priced competition for less money.
Good luck.
Audiofeil, yes, I`ve seen their nice products but they`re stuff is beyond my budget for now. I`ll certainly keep them in mind for a future upgrade.
Update...I ended up buying two maple amp stands from Chris at Timbernation. One for int. amp, second for cdp. Beautifully made. They do the trick and are reasonably priced. Highly recommended.