Condolences to our Catholic members

Pope John Paul II was deeply by many people throughout the world, not just Catholics. His personal and spiritual presence on the troubled world stage will be sorely missed. I'm sure that many of our Audiogon members join in sending condolences to our Catholic members, and join them in wishing for a smooth transition as the new Pope is selected.
Pope John Paul II was a great leader and statesman, reaching out to people of faith. He played an active role in the undoing of communism in Eastern Europe, as well as preaching tolerance and support to the less fortunate in the world. He didn't "talk the talk", he "walked the walk" traveling all over the world to fulfill his duties. I'm not Catholic but did have the opportunity to visit the Vatican two weeks ago, it was inspiring.

Obviously many other "leaders" could learn much from his efforts. A lot to learn from a man who will go down in history as one of the truly great leaders that made a very noticable difference in the world.
Thank You very much for this post. It means a lot that so many people mourn the passing of this great man and leader of the Catholic Church. He loved people of ALL religions. Pope John Paul will be missed.
I am not Catholic, in fact I grew up a Baptist. I must say however, that this man impressed me greatly for these many years. Compassionate, humorous, confident, steadfast in his beliefs- you name it, this man was one incredible human being.

To my Audiogon friends who are Catholic, I'm sorry for your loss. But I also congratulate you on your good fortune to have enjoyed John Paul II's leadership for so many years.

May God bless the man chosen to fill those shoes.
Pope John Paul II was a great man and inspirational leader. I'm not Catholic, but I have great admiration for the man, his convictions, leadership, faith, and courage. He has lead the church through troubled times and has done much in healing the rifts between Christianity and other religions.
He may not have pleased everyone, but being a man was not perfect.
The world has had a great loss. I hope the Catholic church has another leader capable of taking John Paul's place, and leading the Church into the new century.
As a Roman Catholic, the death of Pope John Paul II strikes me deeply.

He was the pope during most of my life, and led a remarkable life. Through both the Nazi and Communist regimes of his surroundings, his faith shone brightly like a beacon. His strength and courage forever serve as a model to me. Here was a simple, common man, who never bowed in the face of two of the most powerful and terrifying forces in recent memory. Yet, his beliefs allowed him to never waver. His behavior is something that most of us will never be able to emulate.
One church, and not the only church, the beliefs of Christians are the same.

More important, he was a man of faith, and human kind, no politics here folks, just faith. Not that the Catholic church is non-political, it's a very political entity. But you never saw it with the Pope.

He was a spokesman for Christianity, and was sought out the world round. I can think of no other Christian, as charismatic, or prominent.

This is not a sad day! For anyone of faith, rejoices in the passing on to a better place.

God bless everyone, of all devoted faiths, on this fine Sunday morning. May the church appoint a worthy sucessor.