Conditioner vs. Surge protector

Looking for a whole house surge protection. 

Siemens seems to be the best company out there but its most recommended item (Siemens FS140 ) is out of stock everywhere. 

Here ia an alternative: 

Siemens FirstSurge Power 60 kA Surge Protector Bundle 


What about this product? Looks like a circuit breaker with surge protection. 

20 Amp 6.5 in. Whole House Surge Protected-Circuit Breaker


which product makes more sense? Circuit breaker has some MOVs. I understand this can potentially limit current.  


Do any of the above limit current to my amp? 

What about a power conditioner that has built in surge protection? 


Thanks for all the feedback. 
I hired an electrician, he will install whole house protection. 
I will also add higher end conditioners with protection before any stereo component.  

@jundaku Thanks for the great review.

" The cons to this is reduced dynamics. The Panamax units have a tendency to compress sound under heavy load. "

I know you’re talking about your AV system.

In my 2 channel system especially, but also in my AV system, I would not accept this. As much money as I, and many people here, throw at this hobby, I can’t accept even tiny degradation. My amps are always plugged directly into the wall and if it is damaged, I’ll buy another one. (I do live in a lightning free area).

Everybody has their own personal priorities. YMMV.


A couple of quick thoughts. While I cannot comment on the affects of whole house surge suppression, I can say that the upper end Audioquest Niagara units do not compress dynamics in power amps as they’re specifically designed to offer current reserves.  Worth a try.  And, they provide protection for the gear, too.

I was a skeptic of power conditioners as I had tried several with not great results.  I had assumed I needed the protection and would have to accept the negative affects.  My local Audioquest dealer suggested I try a Niagara 5000.  He did warn me that all his customers who auditioned it in their system ended up purchasing a unit. It took me all of 30 seconds to conclude I’d be buying one too.

I’ve had the Niagara for about 2 years, but recently came across an interesting interview of Garth Powell on YouTube done by Audio Excellence Canada for those curious as to what he’s doing in the Niagara.  Can’t say I understood it all, but he does specifically address needing wholly different circuits for power amps (which can draw very large current over very short periods) than for other gear which has a stable draw. 

In any case, for those who haven’t tried a Niagara for their power amp because experience suggests bad outcomes - though YMMV, it’s worth a try.