Conditioner vs. Surge protector

Looking for a whole house surge protection. 

Siemens seems to be the best company out there but its most recommended item (Siemens FS140 ) is out of stock everywhere. 

Here ia an alternative: 

Siemens FirstSurge Power 60 kA Surge Protector Bundle 


What about this product? Looks like a circuit breaker with surge protection. 

20 Amp 6.5 in. Whole House Surge Protected-Circuit Breaker


which product makes more sense? Circuit breaker has some MOVs. I understand this can potentially limit current.  


Do any of the above limit current to my amp? 

What about a power conditioner that has built in surge protection? 


My Naim CD player definitely didn’t like them. I can‘t really be more specific as I then removed them from the equation and stopped doing any more low power consumption A-B testing. Definitely worth you pursuing though.

I run a Furman elite 15 for my 2 channel and a Panamax 5400 for my home theater and a Panamax 4000 for my office.  There's pros and cons to all of it.  If you have a noisy line, they will pull out the noise.  The 5400 and Furman elite pull out almost all the noise from the line, the 4000 has about a 90% reduction.  The cons to this is reduced dynamics.  The Panamax units have a tendency to compress sound under heavy load.  Not really that big of a deal in a home theater w/ efficient speakers as I'm not going for extreme detail.  The Furman does a much better job at resisting compression, but it still does when you push it hard.  Thankfully I'm just running a pair of MC275s in mono and it doesn't draw too much power, though it's very noticeable when running a larger 450w stereo amp.  More expensive unites come with much larger capacitators so they can handle those dynamics, but you're looking at 3-4x the cost of the Elite 15.  

Thanks for all the feedback. 
I hired an electrician, he will install whole house protection. 
I will also add higher end conditioners with protection before any stereo component.