Conditioner vs. Surge protector

Looking for a whole house surge protection. 

Siemens seems to be the best company out there but its most recommended item (Siemens FS140 ) is out of stock everywhere. 

Here ia an alternative: 

Siemens FirstSurge Power 60 kA Surge Protector Bundle 


What about this product? Looks like a circuit breaker with surge protection. 

20 Amp 6.5 in. Whole House Surge Protected-Circuit Breaker


which product makes more sense? Circuit breaker has some MOVs. I understand this can potentially limit current.  


Do any of the above limit current to my amp? 

What about a power conditioner that has built in surge protection? 


Whole house surge protectors do not affect power to your components.  They are not in series, they are in parallel.  some (including one popular poster here) will tell you they aren't good enough.  I say they are certainly better than nothing.  However, I live in a location where I am comfortable with my amp plugged into the wall with no protection.  Of course, I, like most posters here, can also afford a new amp.

Power conditioners require some research and I haven't done it.  I do know that some power conditioners limit current and negatively affect your amp (but not other components).  Some power conditioners are good.  do your research.  I'd buy much more capacity than I thought I needed.  



Look at the vinylvalet's web

He lived overseas where these were mandatory.

He had one for around $1k. Goes in your panel.

No influence on SQ. Just protection.


If you have a Siemens panel, the Siemens BoltShield is the preferred kind.

In any other case if your maker has an in-panel, brekerless surge protector it's better.

MOV's do not limit current, BTW, they are used in parallel.

In all cases, the panel surge protectors should be used alongside surge protectors at the devices.  Furman with LiFT and SMP, or Tripp Lite Isobar are my recommendations there. 

Make sure that anything you expect to be a surge protector is actually UL rated.  No big deal for Square-D, Siemens or Furman but some boutique brands never get this.