Conditioner for Cary MB500 Monoblocks

Hi all.

Tomorrow I will be installing Cary's MB500 monoblocks into my system. They will be running into the 4 ohm Aerial 9 speaker, so the amps will be putting out 1000 watts per side.

I have a Shunyata Hydra 6, and I'm not sure I want to run the amps through it. I'm concerned about current limiting, suppressing the soundstage...all the usual concerns about power conditioning. I will run the rest of the gear through the Hydra (cd, pre, etc), BUT....

I'm curious about people's experience with big monos and high end conditioners. The ones that have caught my attention are the Furman (ref 20 -- will the 15 be enough?) and the Exact Power (not sure which one). I'm open to hearing about other brands that have worked for you. APS anyone?

It's kind of expensive to experiment, so I'd be grateful for any actual experience you may have with high current high power amps and your conditioner.

Thanks in advance,

Rich (in Portland OR)
Rich,first off,if you call The Cable Company(800 fatwyre)they offer free home auditions,of stocked units.Exact Power IS in their lending library,I believe.
That being said,I run my entire system(except sub,which is on it's own dedicated line)from the Exact Power EP-15a/Ultra Pure combo.I have dual chassis Rowland 8t/modified amp,btw.
I have experience with the PS Audio Ultimate outlets(pretty good),Power Wedge(not so hot),Bybee unit(OK),and the PS Audio P-500(quite good,but two different units had major reliability problems,and I wouldn't touch another PS Audio unit,based on my particular experience...only my opinion,btw).
My friend has his big SS amps run off of the SUPERB(we've compared to all except the Exact Power units)Balanced Power 2.5 Signature.This is a BIG performer,and can handle a load of current.Fabulous unit!He runs a P-300(the best unit PS Audio ever made,IMO,for low power equip)on his front end stuff.
OK,let me be a bit more specific....even though I have a dedicated audio room,all dedicated lines and live in the burbs,with very good power grid(usually),I have come to the conclusion that anyone NOT running a high resolution system,on "something" like the Balanced Power units,or the Exact Power units are DEFINITELY not hearing their set-ups at their best!!The A/C coming into our homes is worse than the New England Patriots,in the fourth qtr of a Super Bowl!-:)...Had to get that in...Heh,Heh,Heh!!Giants fan,obviously!!!

The differences are THAT dramatic!!!

I like the total line regeneration factor offered by the Exact Power EP-15,with the "balanced power"/ultra purifying capability that is offered when mating "it" with the Exact Power Ultra Pure unit.The performance enhancements made to my high res system is amazing!!!YET,I only draw about 500 watts(read on EP-15a meter)from my entire rig.....The EP-15a can give much more than that,but I don't know how much your total system draws....Trust me(or not)these are amazing units,which I could not live without,they allow for SO much more harmonic texture in music!!
As to the Balanced Power units(the company)...since my friend already had the P-300 on his "low draw" front end stuff(a very effective unit there),we felt he would be better off(financially)by going to the Balanced Power 2.5 Signature,and just running the amp from it.It isolates,but does NOT regenerate,but it is AMAZINGLY effective!!
He has big Rowland amps(not class D),and just got the Magico Minis.A very fine set-up,that reveals any error presented.
The Balanced Power unit seems to be as effective as my AMAZING (but not cheap)Exact Power EP-15a/Ultra Pure Combo,in his set-up,when used in conjunction with the P-300,on front end stuff.
BTW,both my Exact Power combo AND my friend's Balanced Power units run COLD(almost)!!A BIG deal to us!!!The P-300 runs fairly warm,and I no longer trust "that" company,with regards to reliability,based on my experience with TWO P-500's which ran VERY hot,even at idle.The new PS unit looks nice,but I no longer trust the reliability of it(also,it's made in China,unlike the Exact Power,and Balanced Power USA models).
Advice(which I did,btw)go on as many websites as you can,and learn as much as you can.Then you can make an educated decision.What could be bad?
Good luck.
As a NE born and raised guy--- thanks NY fan.(appreciate the replay thing.)One of my fav. lines comes from "Lake Placid"----Bridgit Fonda is just being an out and out bitch, to all she comes in contact with on her visit to NE. Eventually Bill Pullman says to her in a low key voice: "You don't have to tell people where you're from". Ok, on with the show. I too have owned many conditioners.I live in a 95 unit complex. One must know the total power usage for said amps,together--then allow for some headroom before you even think about one. I just think any/all conditioners have some downside aspects.So it's the overall combination/result to be assessed. My conditioner of choice is the Audience Adept Response. Used price is around 25/27.
AVguygeorge,I was just kidding!Time to lighten up....
I have used both the Exact Power EP-15A and Running Springs Haley power conditioners. Both are very good and did not limit dynamics with my amps. That being said I now use Alan Maher Designs Power Enhnacers. You can get some information here about them, but more is available at the Asylum and a his website.
Take a look at the purepower One 5.0 from Silvercircleaudio.
Sirspeedy; I know we're both having fun but you can't throw the first stone and then tell a confronting poster to lighten up--- That job goes to a different poster.---That is how it works,get it??
I've tried both the Hydra and the PS Audio conditioners. The best I've tried so far is the Running Springs Audio (RSA) conditioner. No current limiting at all and more natural sounding than any of the other conditioners. They're a bit pricey, but they could be the best kept secret in audio (visit their website for more info). If you're just running your monoblocks, get the Duke (two outlets). If you're planning on running your other front-end components with the amps, get the Jaco (eight outlets). I've used my Jaco w/my Muse monoblocks (300 wpc) and also my BAT VK-500 amp (true dual mono design with two 250 wpc monoblocks in a single chassis, two power cords, two power switches, etc.). My RSA Jaco is a keeper and very happy with it.
Hi Rich, I am late to this party, but thought I would add that I too run Aerial 9's with Cary 500MB's. I am currently running mine single ended with a Lector CDP7 TL MkIII and Lamm LL2. I just picked up a loaded BPT CPC that has a 30-amp high current filter, 300VA LoNo balanced isolation transformer for balanced power on two of the five duplex outlets, Oyaide outlets, Bybees, filtering on all outlets, magnetic breaker, and ERS cloth inside. I can run my digital through one of the balanced power outlets, effectively isolating it from the rest of the system, then run the amps and preamp from the other outlets. Therefore, my whole system is now run from a 20A dedicated circuit, even though I have two such circuits available for my use. I know some like to run things off higher amperage circuits, but it seems since the amps each have 7A fuses, preamp has a 1A fuse, and CDP has a 2A fuse, even an all-out assult would only draw 17 amps and 20 amps should be fine or even 15 amps in most cases.
When I had my 500MBs I used them with Sound Application XE-12. Jim Weil claims that his conditioners do not limit current delivery. The 500 wpc Cary amps certainly sounded more relaxed, cleaner, with all the residual "hash" gone from the treble. There was no loss in dynamics or bottom end performance compared to running the amps straight from the wall.