concrete (cinder) block tower with wood chopping block for turntable stand

Any suggestions from users who have done, or contemplate doing this. I looked at concrete blocks at Lowes last night. I made two stacks of 3 side by side, plus a solid block (without the center openings) as the top block. This gave me about 34" in height. Then the thought is either a Walnut or Bamboo chopping board for a top shelf. I would use four cork or cork/rubber sandwich (2"X 2") squares to couple the wood chopping block to the concrete tower. I am also considering an Isoacoustics platform as a more expensive alternative. Fire away....?


The table is a Luxman PD 151. It's doing nicely on my Lignolab suspended rack, but my preference is for this (2nd) system to be in another part of the room. Each system will occupy a different wall.

Did something similar to this temporarily and just ended up leaving it. It suits the space and nothing more is needed. It doesn’t have to look bad I just painted the blocks. I get that this an entertainment center not a turntable stand, but just for visual reference. Cord management however....

Some say this individual, is the Godfather of Isolation Ideas, even the earliest Townshend designs are claimed to be versions of this guy's proposals.

Worth a Read, and the Ball and Spoon works to certain degree in all the guises seen.

Quite a few years ago I was to experience the Ball and Spoon and a selection of variants of the method, all will impact on the sonic, Metal on Metal is cheap and very good starting place. 

Not that I have tried it, but today, I will suggest Densified Wood on Densified Wood will be a very interesting footer.  

Some versions seen today of the Ball and Spoon method are the best part of a $100.

All junk! Fill box with sand…rest a wood panel on top of sand add turntable on top!