Concierto power cords

Does anyone have any experience with the Concierto Violin power cords?
I've got two Concierto Violin power cords in my system, one to my Tact 2.2x preamp and one to a Bel Canto S300 amp. I've been on a PC exploration this year (about 20 different models) and these are definitely keepers.

I was previously after increased resolution and inner detail, and happy with Electraglide UK 2 Rev and Audio Magic Clairvoyants, but with a speaker change, I wanted a slightly smoother, more delicate presentation--of course without giving up any detail.

I found some of that with a Wolff Source cord, but there was a bit of a trade-off. The Violin, however, proved to be what I was looking for. It gave me even more refinement, but with added life. Very quiet background. Airy, smooth and dimensional. Notes start quickly, and decay in a way that sounds very 'real.' Cymbals shimmer. It's the best balance of the cords I've tried, and seems to work with everything, though my Tact amp still likes the Foundation Research LC2 a bit better.

I've got a VH Airsine presently on my line conditioner, which is also quite good--clear, clean and dynamic--but not quite as delicate. I may try adding another Violin here some day.

BTW, I have a Violin digital cable which I also think highly of, though it's not quite as smooth in the highs as my (much more expensive) Stealth Sextet. And I used the Violin Speaker cable for a while, but ultimately stayed with my HMS Gran Finales, which were a touch smoother, though not quite as lively.

I bought mine used, so I'm not sure if the $2K list price is the actual selling price or not. Either way, highly recommended.