Concierto Cables or Transparent Cables?

Hello all,

I'm thinking of taking the plunge into this high end cable racket and need to invest in 2 sets of 1M RCAs. My components consist of a Levinson 334, CJ PV10A, and Meridian 507 CD all plugged into Transparent's PI4. My speaker of choice is the Canton Ergo 900. I currently use Transparent Super XL speaker cable and a Powerlink Super cord on the amp. My dilemma is whether to bite the bullet and go for the Ultras, the Supers (to save $$$), or give these Concierto Baby Grands MK III a try. These are just above the entry level. Problem is I cannot find a thing about these Concierto cables anywhere. No reviews, pictures, etc. My system sounds very good and God knows has awesome power thanks to the PI4 but the right ICs will make the clarity that much better. Right now I'm using a "cheap, but good" set of ICs. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Can you borrow the cables you're interested in buying to try out before you make the plunge? Cables are an even bigger variable than other gear IMO. What works in my system might not work in yours. What sounds full-range and musical to me might sound colored and nasty to you.

So, to my way of thinking, you need to find out for yourself if a particular IC or speaker cable is best. Asking for opinions on which wire is best is like asking people to tell you which shade of blue is best.
if it's any help to you i have concierto 'violin' i/cs and speaker cables....the latter used in my main system.there isn't a great deal written about them but believe me they are superb cables.....give larry at high end palace a call or mail him.he is very knowledgeable and a very nice guy.
Anyone else try any of the Concierto cables?