Concerto peramp vs. Synergy IIi

Need opinions on the differances between both of these preamps besides the cost$ I am looking to replace my Bel Canto PRE2p.
Synergy IIi has the external Powersupply which lowers the noisefloor and supports powering the phono preamp or being run off of batteries. I don't think you would error either way. I owned the Synergy IIi and it is an incredible preamp... awesome volumn control and build quality.
Dear Cytocycle, I am intended to build a battery power supply for my JRDG Synergy II. If you can send me some photo of your wire connections, that will be very helpful. JRDG does not offer sale of the custom made cables any more, nor did he give me any further information on the pin definitions. I need to work on my own, but I think it should be not very difficult. Have a nice day.
Wuangi: I don't have the wiring diagram or the cable anymore as I've changed gear. I sent you a PM with my email address I have a wiring diagram but it doesn't show you how to make the cable just how to hook it up..