Concert for George

What a great DVD - a must for George Harrison fans or any lover of great music! Eric Clapton did a wonderful job assembling a band and performing George's music. Nostalgia! It exemplifies how much better song writing and music used to be, for me anyway! Check it out 'goners.
Check out "Sam Brown's version of "Horse to the Water" WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is being backed by Jools Holland and his Blues Orchrestra,[amonght others] She has an incredible voice,I own several of her c/d's. If you ever get a chance to hear "Ball and Chain",by her,you'll flip.Probably the "BEST" version of all time. Ron...
Absolutely - this is a fantastic concert and an excellent production on DVD. It's a must - what an amazing line-up - and by the way, Harrison's songs!!!