concert DVD recommendations

The new Led Zeppelin(DTS) really rocks. The sound quality is incredible. A must have for Zeppelin fans. U/2 Revelation Tour(5.1) video and audio are as good as it gets. This concert really rocks. Its a great performance by a great band. The Freddie Mercury Tribute(DTS) Awesome sound and video. This is a very well done concert live from Wimmbley Stadium-Robert Plant/David Bowie/Elton John/and a ton of other stars. They really put their hearts into this,and weren't just going through the motions. Eagles-When Hell Freezes Over(DTS)- Enough said. Steely Dan-Two Against Nature(DTS) A lot of their older hits mixed in. Very nice performance. Others in my rotation- Sade/Norah Jones/Cheryl Crow(DTS)/Sarah McGlocklin Mirror Ball-The audio is not the best. Would love some suggestions for other great concert DVD's(especially in DTS) I get the most mileage out of these when company is over,and I get to show off the system. Its easier to hold their attention with a DVD as opposed to 2 channel. Peace
The Wall Live in Berlin
Fleetwood Mac The Dance is hard to beat and for Jazz I found Fourplay and Earl Klugh (DTS) to be most enjoyable.

A few other favorites in my collection

Eric Clapton - One more car one more driver
Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Kenny Logans - Outside from the redwoods
Talking Heads - Stop making sense
James Taylor - Live at the beacon theatre
Jackson Browne - Going Home
Roy Orbison - Black and white nights
Diana Krull - Live in Paris
Ottmar Liebert - Wide Eyed Dreaming
Ben Harper - Pleasure and pain (Documentary)

Just a heads up, when I want to impress vistors I will usually play the first scene from the movie Final Destination II. For music I go straight to Track 9,10 and 11 on The Fleetwood Mac DVD
Fleetwood Mac, Fourplay, Eric Clapton's Unplugged, Santana, Diana Krull, Dave Koz, Dave Matthews, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, and the Eagles. I did purchase a computer animation video dvd called "animusic" at he2003 that sounds very good and very interesting to watch.
I am not sure if this is your cup of angst or not ... but I am a big fan of Metallica's "S&M" (both the DVD & CD) ... their collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

"Clover" and "Hero" are especially stunning examples of the powerful and majestic sounds that result with the combination of classical and metal musics.

Regards, Rich
I have 2 words for you: Dream Theater! Live Metro DVD.
It has everything you want, from heavy guitar to even
a soft sound of a backing choir.
Jethro Tull's "Living with the Past." It's like seeing the last tour all over again. The dvd is true to the latest song selection.
I also liked Midge Ure's "Rewind: the greatest hits tour." There are lots of new tracks but also some old favorites from Ultravox.
Both are a nice trip (or stumble) down memory lane.
If you are into Bluegrass then Alison Krauss new DVD is well recorded visually and audio wise (DTS) plus the musicianship is first rate IMO. No center channel though but with a good playback system you won't notice the difference. Another well recorded concert DVD is the Corrs Unplugged (No DTS). A bit dated (1999) but again well played and the audio and visual is as good as it gets for this type of music.
Good luck
Check out Korn's DVD, picture and sound are both awsome!
Drean Theater is another along with Joe Satriani's new one.
The James Taylor DVD-Live at the Beacon Theater is both visually stunning and sonically very good. I love the simple, but clean way this DVD is filmed. I also like the fact that most people will recognize most of the songs and may even want to sing long!


try Peter Gabriel Secret World Live w Paula Cole
very gripping

you already listed many of my other faves
"The Allman Brothers Live at the Beacon Theater" (Oct 1st release) is my latest new standard music DVD. Culled from their annual series of shows at the Beacon Theater, New York, in 2003, this new "revived" band features wunderkind guitarist Derrick Trucks and returnee Wayne Haynes. Their guitar interply is the Allman Brothers best days with Duane and, yet, good enough to stand in their own right! The entire band is reinvigorated. The DVD production work - sound mix, visuals, and editing, are all first rate. If you love rock-blues guitar playing, jaw-dropping slide guitar work, and growling vocals, this is your disc. Add this recommendation to all the excellent earlier suggestions.
Thanks to all who shared their favorites. I appreciate all your suggestions- krelldog(who prefers Pass Labs)
Try ELO Zoom (DTS Version) and David Gilmour Live, both exceptional sound and concerts
Agree with most all above. Also try:
The Who: Live at Royal Albert Hall, and
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones: Live at The Quick.
Ok, I picked up Bella Fleck today. I also bought the new Bad Company DVD, and a re-master of Queen (Video hits) in widescreen/DTS. Oh, and the Matrix reloaded (Had to have it)

I'll report back my findings next week.
Bella Fleck was great if you like jazz banjo fusion(and I do) Bad company had a DTS sound track and was shot in widescreen (Neither mentioned on the cover) A very nice treat, all the band members were right on the mark and Paul Rogers never missed a beat! Queen was like a bad acid trip but the DTS sound track really kicked in, which made the flashback seem oh so real :^) I recommend all three to all you hard rockers
Eagles "Hell Freeze Over" DVD. Fantastic DTS sound quality.
Diana Krall. DTS. SUPERB!
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
Diana Krall - Live in Paris
James Taylor - Live at the Beacon Theatre
Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
Sade - Live
Barbra Streisand - Timeless ( Live in concert)
Lee Ritenour and Friends - Live at the Coconut Groove
Rush in Rio.. just came out this week.. Simply AWESOME! These guys ROCK even after all these years! A MUST HAVE for any RUSH fans out there. Peace.
BOND live, is one that I watch alot. Also Roger Waters live and Earth, Wind and Fire live in Japan, are a couple of my favorites, that haven't been mentioned. In DTS the Moody Blues at the Albert Hall, Acoustic Alchemy, and Don Henley live, if your an Eagles fan.
STEELY DAN - 2 Against Nature
BEE GEES I Night Only. I was never a Bee Gees fan but this concert will have you singing along with the music. Incredible sound and film work. Even if you detest disco this is a must see/listen.

Just purchased the pretenders in concert. Not bad, this concert was shot in March of this year down in L.A.

there's a nice HD video transfer (16:9 widescreen) and a DTS soundtrack.
Roxy Music - Live at the Apollo - great

Roger Waters Live (2001)
I just got AC/DC "Live at Donnington" and it is fantastic. Great rock 'n' roll. If you like power chords and bass, this one's for you.
David Gillmore (lead guitarist from Pink Floyd) has a great concert dvd also in my rotation are Paul Simon and Norah Jones....ooohhh and one of the best concert dvds made is one of the oldest Dave Matthews Band "Listener Supported"