Concerned about my MIDAS shell 103R transplant

I followed Thomas Schick's Youtube guide to removing the stock shell off the Denon cart (in my case a 103R). I'm not using one of the wooden bodies, but the MIDAS aluminum shell which is sometimes available here on Audiogon (nicely manufactured, BTW).

The removal of the stock shell went like butter (thanks Tom!), but I had to do some minor trimming of the various corners to get the 103R to slip into the MIDAS shell. While doing that - more than once - the cart contacted and got stuck to the ferrous Xacto metal blade I was using to trim the plastic. By eye it doesn't look like I damaged anything, but I'm wondering if I just screwed up the generator or the motor or something.

The cart is in the new shell, but I won't have an opprtunity to play it until I get my arm back from Audio Origami (it's being rewired). Until then I'm now wondering if I just destroyed my cart.
Try not projecting bad thoughts about your cartridge's future. Worrying is generally thought to be unhealthy and does you no good. Try as much as you can to live in the moment and perhaps find some relaxation exrcersizes to calm yourself. Don't turn to drugs or over do the etoh, perhaps listening to your favorite tunes using a different source.

I don't know much, if anything, about cartridges, but why do you think it got damaged by exposure to a ferrous metal. Magnets don't discharge their magnetism just because they come into contact with a ferrous metal, why should your cartridge be any worse off because of that?
If I tell you that the cartridge is damaged will you believe me.
Worry less and wait for when you mount it and play.
Report back to us as to your findings.
You sound like an audiophile.
I guess I was concerned that the strong pull due to a large metal object might generate some untoward motion in the motor assembly. But as I thought about it further after posting it seemed to me this would be pretty unlikely. Panic in the face of the moment, I guess.