Concerned about Hermann and Ingrid Papke

I've been friends with Hermann and Ingrid for a few years now, and at 85 and 83 YOA, and severe health issues for both of them lately, I'm concerned that I haven't been able to reach them.

While Hermann was not too well known here on Audiogon, he restored Lencos, made plinths for them, and would sell them very reasonably priced, with arm and cartridge or would install what the buyer would provide. He's an old-world craftsman type, and could build or repair pretty much anything he cared to, and is a great guy, too.

I'm hoping someone that purchased a Lenco from him might know of what became of him. He, and Ingrid, are people I really admire and care for. They have lived on nearby Camano Island for many years.

I hope they are okay. Thanks and regards,