Concentra II rowland help

I know the II has 150 @ 8 ohms and 250 @ 4 ohms
I bought a new II about 2 weeks ago and find it has what I call very layed back dynamics I driving 91 db @ 8 ohms speakers (JM labs) which I have had krell and levinson both on and find the Rowland II is not as dynamic any ideas?

Or is this typical from a Rowland?

Jeff Rowland is a little laid back in nature as compared
to Krell or Levinson. I found that tube amplifiers match
JMLAB speakers much better than solid state. This was from
experiences with Mini-Utopia, Mezzo Utopia and Electra 920.

If you want a solid state that can be a good match, then
check Plinius SA-102 power amp. This will be a very good
match with JMLAB. It is soft, very musical and very good
dynamics. Better than Krell for sure. Don't know about ML
amps. I haven't heard any of the Mark Levinson to give an

Good Luck
Check your cabling and power cords. At the least, use a 10 gauge power cord. Don't even play it again until you get a 10 gauge power cord. To add dynamics, pacing and speed try the Shunyata Taipan power cord. It's a relatively new model and does not show up often used but you can probably get 10% off new, maybe more.

If you are using copper cabling or cabling with high capacitance that might be part of the problem.

Nordost cabling tends to be fast and clean. I use Quattrofil interconnects which are wonderfully fast and clean and show up used quite a bit at half or more off of list. Valhalla speaker cable is great but you have to mortgage your house to buy them; used SPM or Red Dawn (version 2 only) might help.

Also, see if you can find an impedence chart for your speakers. Speakers with widely varying impedance can be difficult to drive even though the "nominal" impedence might be a comfortable 8 ohms.

Step one would be that power cord though. It sounds stupid if you have never heard the difference a power cords can make. When you hear the difference, you will laugh.