Computer to Intergraded amp hookup

I have a Noth Star Design dac.Is there a way to play my music thats on my hard drive through the dac into my intergraded?If so can it be done wireless?
Not sure about wireless. For wired, you will need a pc sound card with a digital out, go from the sound card to the dac and then analog out from the dac to any line input on the integrared.
For wireless, check out the Squeezbox. I hear nothing but goood things about this product...not sure about the wireless connection though.
You can go wireless from your computer if you buy an Apple Airport Express and the Monster Cable Kit. Use the optical cable to connect the Airport to your dac.
Ask this over at the PC Audio forum.
The answer is yes.
Go here for the wireless solution:

I'm doing it wireless. I'm using a wireless router at the PC and sending the signal to a Linksys Wireless Dual-Band A/G Media Center Extender Model: WMCE54AG which is then RCA or Optic connectioned directly to the preamp. To do this, you will need a PC running Windows XP Media Center 2005 software. This works very well and I have a 300 gig external hard drive for music storage. At the moment I have 257 hours of music that I have access to using a remote control from my listening chair. A Ethernet connection could also be used as a wired option.