Computer to DAC Streamer

I am looking to get a digital-to-digital streamer for my new office system. I currently have a Sonare microRendu and that unit will move to another room once my new office system is built up. I also use ROON. I was originally considering getting a DAC with Ethernet streaming built-in but I may require a DAC with DSP and those DACs do not have this feature. I should add that the Linn SELEKT DSM streamer/DAC has Ethernet streaming and DSP but lacks the analog inputs I need (it also sounds excellent).

It has been suggested to me to buy an Innous streamer to get my music across to the DAC. However, I am trying to understand why these products are better than my current noisy computer combined with the micrRendu digital-to-digital type products. Anybody done a comparison? Is it because of noise on the Ethernet wire polluting the DAC?

In no particular order the following streamers have have come up in my research as being better than the microRendu I currently own (I have not heard these) :

Simaudio Mind2

Sonare Signiture Rendu

Auralic G2 Aeris

I am interested in the feedback or thought process of people who were making the same streamer decision as me. What did you guys end up getting or looking to get? I know there are a lot of lower costs alternatives and I am open to anything that will take my to the top tier sound level.

My preamp/DAC choice is looking like it will be the Anthem STR.
My vote is for the Innuos Zenith MKIII.  I tried the The Auralic G2 in my system and it was quite nice but the Zenith MKIII "in my system" is just more musical and analogue sounding.  
@thankful   Which G2? I'm assuming the Aries?
Yes Sir.  Very nice piece but the Zenith MKIII just was more musical.  Can't go wrong with either.
Hello @thankful  What mains cables are you using? Have you tried different mains cables with your Zenith? If so, findings?

Based on your system page, it looks like you are using the industrial focused Electra (?). Thank you!
I’m happy with my Salk streamer into an oppo Sonica DAC.  The Salk is reasonably priced, works great as a Roon Core, streamer, and server.  Can be had with a SSD, and upgraded power supply.

My CDs are all ripped so transfer was a snap.  I don’t want the hassle, expense, and noise from a cd drive, so there is that.  

That said, short of music I can’t get via qobuz or tidal (tool, Metallica) I don’t see needing to rip again.

So, the unit I might look today at is the matrix audio element X.  Top of the line DAC built in, and measurements were outstanding on Audio Science Review.  Best measurements they have run.  3k.

I think a lot of what it comes down to is if you want an outboard DAC or not.

But if you see yourself streaming a lot more than using your ripped music, having the Dac built in with the streamer offers a lot of advantages.