Computer to DAC Streamer

I am looking to get a digital-to-digital streamer for my new office system. I currently have a Sonare microRendu and that unit will move to another room once my new office system is built up. I also use ROON. I was originally considering getting a DAC with Ethernet streaming built-in but I may require a DAC with DSP and those DACs do not have this feature. I should add that the Linn SELEKT DSM streamer/DAC has Ethernet streaming and DSP but lacks the analog inputs I need (it also sounds excellent).

It has been suggested to me to buy an Innous streamer to get my music across to the DAC. However, I am trying to understand why these products are better than my current noisy computer combined with the micrRendu digital-to-digital type products. Anybody done a comparison? Is it because of noise on the Ethernet wire polluting the DAC?

In no particular order the following streamers have have come up in my research as being better than the microRendu I currently own (I have not heard these) :

Simaudio Mind2

Sonare Signiture Rendu

Auralic G2 Aeris

I am interested in the feedback or thought process of people who were making the same streamer decision as me. What did you guys end up getting or looking to get? I know there are a lot of lower costs alternatives and I am open to anything that will take my to the top tier sound level.

My preamp/DAC choice is looking like it will be the Anthem STR.
@sfseay I think you maybe correct. After this thread and the research I did for it I am thinking a Lumin T2 or X1 (using fibre optic cable) is what I will try. If I get the T2 then a Sonare optical network -to-USB would be considered.
My vote is for the Innuos Zenith MKIII.  I tried the The Auralic G2 in my system and it was quite nice but the Zenith MKIII "in my system" is just more musical and analogue sounding.  
@thankful   Which G2? I'm assuming the Aries?
Yes Sir.  Very nice piece but the Zenith MKIII just was more musical.  Can't go wrong with either.