Computer to DAC Streamer

I am looking to get a digital-to-digital streamer for my new office system. I currently have a Sonare microRendu and that unit will move to another room once my new office system is built up. I also use ROON. I was originally considering getting a DAC with Ethernet streaming built-in but I may require a DAC with DSP and those DACs do not have this feature. I should add that the Linn SELEKT DSM streamer/DAC has Ethernet streaming and DSP but lacks the analog inputs I need (it also sounds excellent).

It has been suggested to me to buy an Innous streamer to get my music across to the DAC. However, I am trying to understand why these products are better than my current noisy computer combined with the micrRendu digital-to-digital type products. Anybody done a comparison? Is it because of noise on the Ethernet wire polluting the DAC?

In no particular order the following streamers have have come up in my research as being better than the microRendu I currently own (I have not heard these) :

Simaudio Mind2

Sonare Signiture Rendu

Auralic G2 Aeris

I am interested in the feedback or thought process of people who were making the same streamer decision as me. What did you guys end up getting or looking to get? I know there are a lot of lower costs alternatives and I am open to anything that will take my to the top tier sound level.

My preamp/DAC choice is looking like it will be the Anthem STR.

The marketdoes not lie. Nobody would be purchasing 
these devices if they didnt produce audibily superior results

While I am a huge fan and student of markets, i completely disagree.  The fact that people *want* something proves nothing about its superior properties, or audibility thereof.  People buy homeopathy, ICOs, pyramid schemes, horoscopes, large cap equity managers, Tice clocks, etc.  That does not demonstrate their superiority, only a preference, which may involve wishful thinking, status-seeking, a need for company, or bad probabilistic thinking.  There's even a lively debate in economics about the value of most college educations and whether they constitute signaling more than qualification.  Things are not what they seem.
I came from Auralic Aries to LDMS..big jump of performance. You might want to search this product and if possible, audition it.
I have one of the first optical versions of the Sonore Signature Rendu. Highly recommended and a huge upgrade from the Microrendu. Ultra quiet, great tone, holographic imaging, smooth but not rolled off.
@shredder Can you explain to me how the optical version differs from the microRendu? What does OPTICAL mean in this context? I looked in the Sonare web site to figure this out but it was not clear to me.
The optical version streams data from an optical network instead of an ethernet network. The optical network is easy to setup. All that is required is an ethernet to optical converter (Trendnet makes a good cheap one, Sonore has a fancier one), an optical module  that comes with the streamer,  and an optical cable (not a Toslink, however, which is not a great solution I have been told). As I understand it (and I am not tech minded), an optical cable does not carry electrical noise and thus use of such a network dramatically reduces noise in your system. I can attest to that from an sq perspective, the box is dead quite now.

As compared to the MR, the Signature Rendu (and you may already know this) is essentially  an Ultrarendu with a very high end power supply all in one box. Even without the optical solution, it sounds far better than the MR, although I found the non-optical version to be a touch bright. The Optical version is much smoother and analog sounding.

For a better explanation than I can provide, check this out: