Computer Speakers Under $200?

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this forum and am trying to build the best 2.1 setup for my computer possible. Currently I was planning to use a pair of Cambridge Soundworks Newton M50's and a Cambridge Soundworks Basscube 851, which I could get for a total of around $175. Should I switch out any of those items or just what are your guys' general thoughts? I'll take anything, even flames :D
If you want the best then NHT M00 and S00 is hard to beat.

Chuck Ainlay uses them and Chuck is recognized as one of the top sound engineers in the world.

You did say "best"...the only danger you face is that your PC may sound as good or better than all your friends high end traditional systems...
Thanks for the recommendation! Those do seem like they would sound amazing and perhaps in a few years, that's what I'll end up using...but currently, that's out of my budget and am looking for something in the sub $200 range used or new.
Hi, I'm using Audio Engine2, a powered pair of mini-monitors with exceptional sound. No subwoofer, but they fall into your price range. Check out the review on them from a couple of months ago in Stereophile.

IMHO, getting the mid-range as accurate as possible is the foremost trait to look for in any low cost speaker. As such, I second AudioEngine A2's.

Based on Sterophile's review, plus a friend's experiences with them, the A2's would be my choice.

Sterophile's review among others can be found here:
Hi all,

I first used Roland monitors and then went to M-Audio monitors for my speakers. While I'm not a basshead, the dearth of significant bass started to really bother me over time. Overall though, if I were to have bought a 2.0 system, the A2's would have been the ones.

I've heard some positive reviews of the Swans M10's, but I don't think they're better than the setup I already mentioned.
The Swans were ~$300 IIRC and they have been out of production for years.
I have and enjoy the Swan M200 MkI (used $150), the MK II is $300 at Audio insider (link below). Looks to me like they list the M10, as well. John