Computer Speakers - $200 -$300 price range

Could members suggest great sound in the price range? Don't need a sub. Considering Audioengine A5 or P4, and maybe the Klipsch Pro Media.
i'd go Klipsch for this application and call it a day.

the size shown is incorrect however...they are actually smaller at 9Hx6Wx8D rear ported and smooth as silk with impressive bass.
Audioengine.. Use stereo for an additional 10% discount free shipping and a 30day free trial..... Don't like them send them back......
Audioengine A2 are $199 and are nice self powered speakers the A5 are a bit over your price at $325. pr free shipping from either Amazon via JandR or directly from JandR
Definitely Audioengine. I've owned the Klipsch Pro-media and Audioengine A2's. The Pro-media has a sub, so you get the low end, but the satellites are harsh and thin sounding and it's hard to get a cohesive sound across the whole spectrum.

The A2's are much more refined and natural sounding and actually sound like music instead of computer speakers. Add a used Energy ESW-8 and you'll still be under $300 (I got one on Agon for $75), and have a system MUCH better than the Klipsch.

I vote for the AudioEngine A5's. Surprisingly musical for the size and price.
I would second the A2s!
I would hold out for the Magnepans computer speakers
when they are ready
They should put the hurt on all of the above.
Cheers Johnnyr
I have Swan M200s, which I enjoy, and would recommend. They have been updated, and the new model costs a bit more, but I suspect you could come in under 300, esp. if used. John