Computer music to Stereo

What is the best way to get the streaming music from my computer ( to my rig (in another room) without running wire? Sound quality is important of course.
Many threads on this in this (digital) forum and in the PC Audio forum.
My Quad Core Macintosh G5 allows me to output either an analog signal via minijack or a digital signal via toslink. If your computer allows you to output a digital signal through either toslink/coax or USB you can run it into a DAC that accepts those inputs and you'll have a music system like any other except your computer is the music source.

My computer is in a different room. I am not wanting to run wird. (see original message)

I am looking for a wireless solution to get music from the computer to my main rig.

Thanks for your help.
Just buy one of those SB3 gadgets.
Simple, use an Airport Express. It only costs $100. It sits on your wireless network and has both analog and optical digital audio outputs which can be connected to one of your stereo system's inputs. If you have an Apple machine, it will talk directly to the Airport Express. If you use a PC, you'll need a program Airfoil to output your audio player output over the wireless network to the Airport Epress.
I own both the Apple Airport Express and the Squeezebox 3 and run them into my ECD-1 DAC. I mainly kept the Airport Express for music sampling out of iTunes. The Squeeze box is a Superior sounding product as it offers a SPDIF output versue the Toslink output only on the Airport. Using them on their own with their internal DAC's yields the same results. The Squeezebox is the clear winner.

The only thing I do not like about the Squeezebox is the Slim Server Software. iTunes is easier and quicker to do things like assemble playlists and whatnot. However, the Squeezebox is clearly a superior product when it comes to Sound Quality and is easier to setup than the Airport.