Computer Guru's, Does my external Hard Drive go to sleep if its still blinking?

I  now own a Lumin X1 streamer/dac.
I have a 8TB Hard Drive connected to it. The Lumin is set to go to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity.
But, though the Lumin appears to go to sleep the external hard drive continues to blink.

Does this mean the hard drive never goes to sleep? Or should I manually shut down the hard drive when not is use?

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Whether it runs 24/7/365 or you turn it on and off daily won't make a statistical difference regarding hard drive failure.  Hard drives are robust, but they will eventually fail.  There's a plethora of software that diagnoses and monitors your hard drive's health.  Every now and then run a test on your hard drive.  It may actually prevent or at least warn you of problems.  As long as you have have multiple backups you should be okay.  BTW, it takes less than a day to transfer 4Tb from drive to drive.  Good luck.
Thanks for your information.

The rule with back up was... Back up as often as your NOT willing to lose data. You have two current backups, and a working copy? I'd say if you add a new 100.00 backup every two years.  You'd be only two years at the oldest. Maybe close to 1/3 life of the drive spec. That is pretty bullet proof, if you need ALL the data. 4T of music files, Thats a lot of music..

If the grid went down, could you still play the music?  I've got a working Victrola and plenty of 78s.  What do you think? Say a nasty Solar Flare.   Could you still play music? All the digital stuff gets smoked.

WE'RE civilized man, we have music... WE WILL SURVIVE..

Just no, Yoko Ono.  ;-)