Computer grade parts?

What are computer grade parts.. such as Computer grade power supply caps? Are these type of parts an upgrade and/or better than audiophile grade parts? For example, I've heard some people say, "I've upgraded my power supply caps in my amp to computer grade caps". I don't think I'd want computer grade parts in my audio equipment for playing back music. Would appreciate some clarification. Thanks
I think you have it right. It sounds like whoever you were speaking to was misinformed. Most people have no idea what high end/audiophile gear is. Very few are ever exposed to it.
Computers are the same as audio or any other electronic equipment. You can get good quality parts or bad quality parts. As one who had to recap a few motherboards during the "exploding caps" crisis I know what poor quality in computers is.
There are a number of brands of capacitors that are
manufactured with audio in mind, specifically. The
differences in presentation, when used in audio circuitry, are
NOT subtle! The, "exploding caps" plague was
attributed to the Chinese/Taiwanese trying to cut corners(ie:
stolen formulas), in
their manufacturing processes.
These are the very large, coke can size, electrolytic caps make by companies like Mallory and Sprague. They are often used by builders who believe they sound better than smaller electrolytic caps. They do a very nice job of filtering with the right inductors.

They require more chassis space and may not fit in many applications.
When you are talking about computer grade parts, there's different grades of computer grade. A good example is power supplies. Look at a generic 500 watt power supply and compare it to a nice Corsair modular PS. There's a big difference in build quality.