Computer, CD transport or Network Player?

I currently have most of my music downloaded on my computer as FLAC files and listen to it through JRiver or Signalyst HQ (audio players for Windows) on my Dell desktop. The sound is amazing but I have a question and it is this:

Which do you find to have the highest sound quality;

1.  Redbook CD's directly played in a high quality CD transport?
2.  Ripped FLAC or Apple lossless files played through a high quality PC or MAC computer based audio player (such as JRiver or Signalyst for Windows or Vox or Clementine for MAC)?
3.  or music (from one's own private CD collection) loaded on a network player?

Using a DAC of course.

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I have no full knowledge about DAC implementation. But as for music quality and music listening, I prefer to use Tidal and Spotify. Tidal supports high quality, Spotify supports free service. 
So nice to meet them. Besides, I have found a professional Spotify Converter, which allows me to convert Spotify music to MP3 so that I can also listen to music, playlists, podcasts offline on my portable devices.
You can have a try of them, Tidal and Spotify! Have a good listening experience with them.