Comptability with NAD c350

Hi. I'm just now putting together my first system. I'm going with a NAD c350 integrated and a NAD c521i CD player. My question is this--I listened to a pair of Cambridge Soundworks M80's recently and liked them. Do people out there feel that this would be a good match or are there other speakers I might try in the $250 (used) range?
Just from what I've heard, there are lots of speakers that would be better. I'm under the impression that Cambridge Soundworks is good mass market, but not really audiophile quality. (Of course, these rumors I've heard may be wrong--it wouldn't be the first time.)

I know that for a while, Wharfdale Diamond speakers were a popular choice for NAD amps. But, there are many, many other speakers that would work. For example, there's PSB. NAD partnered PSB speakers with their L40 CD player/receiver package to make the NAD music system.

The best thing to do--if you can--is to listen to many different speakers (ideally with the NAD CD player and amp) and see what you like. If you can't do that, then buy speakers that should work, priced so you take as small a loss as possible if they don't work. (You'd probably take some loss, but the learning experience would probably be worth far more than that.)
The good thing about Cambridge is that they don't sound bad and you can send them back in 30 days if you don' like them. They are not highly regarded among audiophiles, which may not make a difference unless you are planning on eventually selling them to upgrade-they will probably not have much resale value. You may want to investigate used B&W's, Paradigms, or Sound Dynamics (check ebay). Also check out Axiom and Ascend Acoustics on the internet. The amp you have chosen is very good and can drive a wide variety of speakers.
Thanks! Today I heard a set of Meadowlark Kestrels, and I'm in love. I can get a used pair for $550, and so I'm looking at the budget again!

Axiom m40ti's also seem interesting, but I haven't heard any or seen any used. They would probably fall to near $350 used.
If you can stretch for the Meadowlarks, I think you will be quite pleased. I haven't heard the Axioms but my impression, based on reviews I have read, is that they sound similar to the Paradigms, which have a metal dome tweeter and which may be a bit forward sounding. If you can, I would lean toward a speaker with a silk dome tweeter, which I think the Meadowlarks have. I have heard the Kestrals and they are a very good speaker for the money.
Some family members have started giving me some decent components (an old NAD receiver, an unembarassing sony CD, and some others). This is going to let me take some time and replace things piecemeal rather than buying a system outright. In light of this I think I'll look at a NAD c541i CD player followed by a NAD c-370 and some goo interconnects before I think about speakers again. I'm thinking I'll go for Axioms--either the m40ti or m50ti, depending on the type of room I'll be putting them in. Thanks for the advice. I came to this site earlier this week knowing nothing about hi-fi (or even mid-fi). You all have helped me evaluate what I'm looking for and how to get it. I really can't thank the users here enough, especially the people who took time to email me personally.