Composite Video Cables for Audio

Okay, I have a feeling this is a sort of "duh" sort of question, but here goes: what with the almost complete demise of composite video as an input of choice, there is now a relative plethora of cheap and very good composite video cables on the market. So it hit me that it might well be cheaper to take a pair of really good composite cables and use them as audio cables. I'd like to do this for my home theater system, but before I drop the money on, say, eight new cables, I want to be sure there isn't something I am missing here. If I understand, audio and composite video cables are essentially the same except that the composite cables actually are supposed to carry a slightly higher signal bandwidth or something like that. Coaxial digital cables are essentially the same again except for a further shielding or bandwidth addition I think.

So, in theory and all the cables being equal, of the three, audio cables would make the worst audio cables? ;)
No problem at all, providing the cables are well-constructed and the right length...