Components that you regret parting with?

Just wondering if any of you have had a component that you sold/traded or that stopped working? For whatever reason, you no longer have it and wish you still did? Could you give the component, the reason you no longer have it, and what you liked about it. If you care to comment. I have had several components that for financial reasons or the upgrade bug, that I have parted with and wish I had not later on. Due to the rare nature of some of them I have not been able to purchase them again. It dose not have to be expensive or rare, just an item that has a special place in your heart for whatever reason, that you now regret parting with. If you were able to purchase it again, that would be great to know that as well.

conrad-johnson Premiere Three preamp
Vendetta Research phono stage
Technics EPA500 tonearm
- Tandberg tr-2080 receiver - classic looks and great performance
- Philips 312 turntable - sexy beast with surprisingly good performance
- Akai HiFi VHS player/recorder - the only VHS player/recorder I ever owned that an audiophile could love
von schweikert vr-1 monitors--traded 'em to my dimwit dentist. great sound and build quality, essentially full range; still my favorite under a grand.
b&k avr 305--thought i needed hdmi and other such technofoolery, so i swapped it out for a denon avr. bad idea.
kef coda 70 monitors--a $300 speaker that hits way above its weight. impulsively replaced with various focal, totem, etc., all of which cost much more and don't sound or look as good.
cambridge d500se cdp--unassuming, analog-sounding older player which just sounded right; not only did i foolishly part with it, but i ended up reimbursing the buyer in full after it got damaged in shipping.
"von schweikert vr-1 monitors--traded 'em to my dimwit dentist"

Maybe not so dim in hindsight????? :-)

I sold my Philips 312 to my crafty cousin.

The Tandberg found it's way back home to a buyer in Norway.

The Akai went to VHS heaven finally after prolonging its life with repairs on several occasions. It was a great machine when it worked properly though!
Threshold SA3 Amp (not enough power I thought), Rogers LS3/5a (too small), Altec 19's (too big), all sold fundamentally because I was stupid! Speaking of stupid, you should see all the stuff I haven't sold! :-)
A pair of Marantz 2 monoblock amplifiers, from the 1950's, which I purchased in the early 1990's and sold about a year later. Spectacular, lush, rich sound; exceptional build quality for their time; and a historically significant collectable. They were not quite powerful enough for the speakers I had at the time, though, and they were worth too much to be sitting on a shelf. Although they would be worth more than three times as much today :-(

-- Al
CJ PV-5.
McIntosh C-22 tuner.
VAC Avatar Super integrated amp, which I owned for a bit then sold due to upgrade bug. Then bought again a couple of years later, and finally sold again due to financial hardship. One day I'd love to own one again for keeps.
mapman, valid point about my dentist--all i got out of the deal was a botched root canal.
About 25 years I completely rebuilt a pair of Dynaco ST-70s.
Did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. Used them for about two years and sold them. Tried to buy them back a few years later. No luck.
I probably would not be using them, but it would have been nice to just have displayed them.
Talon Raven C loudspeakers: paired them with the wrong amp and was too impatient and inexperienced to get a different amp and build a better system around them. I always felt I made a big mistake selling them.
my former girlfriend, the woman before I married my ex-wife.


p.s. oh, yeah... there were those Adcom 565 monoblocks, too.
Can't tell you how pissed i am for not keeping at least 1 pair.............
Krell Resolution 3 speakers. Conrad Johnson MV-60SE amplifier.
I mean 3 pairs of Apogee speakers, 1 pair Minor, 2 pair Major, all in mint condition............
Lots of components, very few regrets.

Here are the ones that I definitely regret selling, though I doubt I will ever re-buy them:

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D CD player
Marantz 8b (VAC reissue from the 90s)
Gryphon Diablo integrated amp (regret was losing the internal phono stage)

Here are the items that I have sold...and then gone back and re-bought after determining that I was an idiot for selling:

Naim NACA5 speaker cable
Dynaco ST-70

Here are the items that I have sold, and the jury is still out on whether I may buy them again:

JBL L300 Summits
Naim ARO tonearm

There are a lot of components that I dont have any regrets selling, but I did have the utmost respect for these components when we parted ways and was very sad to see them go:

EAR 861 amplifier
Sonus Faber Electa Amator II
A pr of Mac 240s
A Marantz 7C
Chartwell LS/35As
My last pair of LS3/5a's (had many pairs). They were the Rogers 16 ohm version in Rosewood and I think I sold them for $500 back in the day.

1) magnepan mg III a bought in. 87
2) Air tight 300b amp with original western electric tubes
3) McIntosh 225 amp with original box and receipt
My Sota sapphire turntable, sumiko arm with talisman cartridge, and Klyne 6lx3p pre amp.
An original Keith Monks rcm that needed some very minor repair, at a stupidly low bid to someone on flea-bay.
A Mark Levinson ML1 and before that a Technics SL1100A.
Tandberg TR-2045 receiver. Transformer failed.
McIntosh 240 vintage tube amp boxed, in mint condition, I got at a garage sale for $50
B&W CDM1 NT Monitors. Lost them in divorce. Powered by NAD C370 Integrated Amp. Wonderful Combo for TV/DVD System. Replaced them with inexpensive, used Tannoy Reveal Monitors which are not bad but not nearly as refined as the B&W's, nor do they look as nice. The B&W's looked great in my living room, matched the hardwood floors, etc. I kept the living room!
FM Acoustics Res. Series 611 amp, Res. series 244C preamp. To get FM now, you gotta be a millionaire or billionaire.