Components of Cambridge D500

Does anyone out there know which (1) op amps, (2) analogue stage capacitors, (3) RCA sockets the Cambridge Audio D500 uses? (The original D500, not the D500SE.) Any opinions on what, if any, audible effect upgrading those components and/or installing sorbothane damping in the chassis would have? Examples of replacement components: AD8066 op amps from, BlackGate capacitors from, WBT RCA sockets. Any opinions on whether the audible improvements would be sufficient to justify the effort and expense involved? The object is not ultimate high-end sound, but reasonable performance improvements in existing equipment through affordable mods. I've already got a replacement power cord and decent interconnect cables.
I would not bother trying to upgrade a D500, unless maybe you are doing the work yourself as a hobby..

For the money you could get for it used ($200 to $250 on eBay), plus the cost of some outside person doing the mod work, you could go buy a new Cambridge Azur 640C player..

BTW, There is a modded D500 for sale right now on Audiogon for $300 obo. Get that one.