Components I would have died for when I was a wee pup

Turn back the dial to 1976-1977 (I was 16-17). What did I really want? 

Thorens turntable or a Philips GA212 with a Shure V15,Type 3 cartridge
Tandberg receiver
JBL L100 Century

what did you have in your cross hairs when you started out? 
Love at first sight/listen: Empire 698, Pioneer SX-1250, Watkins WS-1a (Infinity/Watkins Dual-Drive woofers) when I was 15 years old. Way more $$ than I could afford at the time. Bought all of the above a couple of years ago as my vintage system and, by gum, it sounds as good as I remember on the rock of that era and so beautiful.

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Avantgarde Trios. I still remember hearing the Who's "Live at Leeds" through them. The amps shredded my ears, but it was certainly memorable, and I always wondered what the AGs would sound like with a friendlier amp. I found out years later, and again, it was quite the experience. Even back then, the cost was astronomical, though!
Back in the late 70's/early 80's I worked in the high end audio business.  We used to say that we hoped that, some day, we'd be able to afford to buy the equipment we sold to others.

I wished for McIntosh separates (C32/MC2205/MR78), Revox turntable, Nakamichi 1000 cassette deck, B&W 800 speakers...and a good home for those components.
****what did you have in your cross hairs when you started out?****

At 18?  The pic next to your moniker is about it 😉

But, seriously, stacked Quad 57's/Sequerra ribbons/Levinson ML2's.