Components I would have died for when I was a wee pup

Turn back the dial to 1976-1977 (I was 16-17). What did I really want? 

Thorens turntable or a Philips GA212 with a Shure V15,Type 3 cartridge
Tandberg receiver
JBL L100 Century

what did you have in your cross hairs when you started out? 
Back in the early to mid-70s, I had the JBL-100s, a Marantz 2245 receiver, and the Shure V-15 in an Elac Miracord turntable back then. They were fun and fine FOR THEIR TIME (emphasis added)

As much as the pure nostalgia attraction factor beckons, this  hobby equipment selection has evolved significantly in that the "old time' 70's era gear cannot even remotely compete with today's equipment. 
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Any record player after I saw and heard my dad’s friend’s Philips Black Tulip quadraphonic? set up. Dad had no interest in a "music center" so we had no records in the house.