Component Video versus S-Video

How important is it to look for component video inputs in a new processor versus using high-quality S-video? Is there really a huge difference?

Some processors only have composite and S-video inputs, but everything else I need is there. Most processors I've seen that have all the inputs I'm looking for plus component video inputs are much more expensive. Is it worth the cost difference?
Generally one should hook up the item, straight to the display device. Unless you need the switching--such as only 1 component input;two component output items.
Avguygeorge, thanks! Duh, what was I thinking? This saves me a lot of bucks.

What do you think of the new Adcom GTP-830? I've seen it at around $1200 and less. The reason I'm looking at this model is that it has multiple 6-channel analog inputs in order to use a multi-channel SACD or DVD-Audio player.

The one thing that bothers me is that it's subwoofer crossover is at 100hz, whereas my current processor crosses over at 50hz. Crossing over at 100hz seems like such a waste.

Any other processors in this price range you might recommend I take a look at?
I wouldn't worry about the sub crossover at 100 hz. You probably want some significant overlap, so unless your mains and center go REALLY low, 100 hz is probably OK, IMO.
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Based on distortion and frequency response specs 100hz crossover in often ideal.