Component Video Splitter

I would like to be able to send component video signals from my pre-pro to both my direct view hdtv and to my projector. Can anyone recommend a cost effective solution that won't seriously degrade picture quality?
You want to send the signals simultaneously or switch between the two?

This is the difference between a "splitter" and a "switcher". A splitter would likely have to amplify the signal to allow this, and that would be more costly than a switcher.

What's the cable length situation and what type of cables are you using for the video feed-- I don't recall drop per 100ft. with Component/ RGB being a major issue with most installs since the prjoector isn't usually THAT far away, but if due to routing or some other concern you've got really long runs you may have an issue there to deal with.
I just wanted to be able to route between the projector and the Sony XBR HDTV. I don't know that I really need a simultaneous feed. One length of cable is around 6 feet, the other around 25 feet. Using Better Cables medium grade component cables.
You shouldn't have any loss issues at those lengths, I don't think, and any one of several basic switches should work fine. Try: El cheapo


The bandwidth of component outputs is not that great-- the switcher is not that big of a deal. People tend to think it's high bandwidth digital or something, but it's already decoded, the bandwidth's not that high, and therefore the switcher or splitter can be pretty basic.