Component Video cable recommendation

hi all,

have purchased a hitachi 42" plasma tv and now wanting to go to component video.

was considering these brands :

Monster M Silver Video™ M1000cv
Zucable Megular
VooDoo Silverstream
VooDoo Reference
Bettercables Silver Serpent Reference
Nordost Silver Screen

have been told that nordost makes the best video cables. would appreciate to hear your recommendation on the above or even there is another brand to consider.

thks to all in advance.
Just buy a well-constructed cable from a reputable manufacturer. Expect to spend $50-100, any more is a waste of money, IMHO...

Harmonic Tecnology Silver are phenomenal video cables and the cables themselves look great and are physically impressive. Their image is superb and they are sturdy.
I notice you seem to share my preference for silver conductor. I recently bought a set of AudioQuest YIQ-5 component cables with silver conductors. (I got great service from The Cable Company in New Hope, Pennsylvania.) My picture looks fine and I'm happy with the cabling, but I have not tried any great variety of component cables so I can make no real comparisons.
There are differences in cables.--- Cheap ones choke the color/ saturation and black level. While I use Silver Serpent and WireWorld 3's; I've just been timid to go above their price level. So, I guess I'm saying: don't expect much from the cheapies that come free. How much more you spend is your call. I've never read any shoot-out blurbs from those going from mid level to very high priced cables. I would say "At least mid level" as a minimum.
I am using the Zu Megular for both my DVD player & Satellite box. I did a direct comparison to the Monster level 3 component cable, and the Megular was more defined, and the picture seemed brighter. I really like it.
The Zu is not bad.. The WIREWORLD GOLD STARLIGHT 5 Is probably the most SHarp cable out there, but very expensive, it is used in many of the Pro AMC theater installs I understand... Also the BEST for the money is the BELDEN Brilliance which is also used for major projection systems, it will just show how good you DVD is though.. The wireworld might go a step beyond to really do it solid.. The belden is sold thru many companies that put a fancy jacket on it and sell for like 200 to 500 bucks a component set.. You can get them for between like 30 and 100 depending on the length from
Audiodoc said harmonic component and I would agree that they are a good cable. I Also did a lot of research on this and opted on the better cables silver serpent reference. This cable is as good as it gets I believe. I think the Nordost is also an excellent cable but from what I gathered on posts the silver serpent is comperable but a vastly lower price.
I am going to resurrect this after a year plus.

Maybe I am just excited that I finally opted on a new video component cable today.

After months of research and speculating between several brands I opted for one....finally!

The cables I think are some of the best are..

audioquest yiq5
nordost silver screen
wireworlds top one
and Synergistic Research directors reference x2

You have to be careful not to get the synergistic line doubler component x2 as some will say its the same as Directors reference x2 with the different name. People where getting the line doubler x2 component cable mixed that its a line doubler so they changed the name, but with the name change Ted and Elliot say its a much better unit.

From what I researched and talking to people it sounds like the Directors reference x2 should rival and better anything. So I have a Directors reference x2 on its way.

I will post my thoughts on it a couple days after I get it if your intersted.
What price, this cable? I now have an hdmi receiver (Onkyo 875)so component is less important these days.---Not to forget; my 875 needs hdmi in, to get all the benifit of the new hd audio codecs.---Love that; one cable does both; (A&V)thing.
I have a crt Mits. and a Sony,Ruby. The crt runs component, the projector; hdmi.--My component cable is a Wireworld and I run that thru a switcher---- (using all the same cable brand/type-- (4xs) Even tho I use the switcher I get a great image---with a BD player. Naturally my crt has multi comp-ins so if this cable is that good--who knows; I might try one,straight BD/to tv. Did you get a good price?
Hi Avguygeorge.

Your right about the component being a dying breed and hdmi is the future. We have to remember, they seem to not be able to figure out what kind of hdmi to go with. If you bought a processor just a year ago, now you will need one that does hdmi 1.3 opposed to the 1.2. Next year it will be hdmi 1.4 and you will need to spend 2,000 to upgrade that new feature on your processor.

Meanwhile, a high end component cable still rivals hdmi. It
don't have sound but I believe your way better off using high end 5 rca cables to hook up audio which will give you the new digital hd 5.1.

I got my synergistic directors reference x2 component cables today and will play around with in the next couple days. The 2 meter of that cable is like $879. I got a great price so I thought I would try it. I would not pay big money on this technology. I guess, later on I can use the directors ref cables for rca audio cables once I go to hdmi.

For simplicity, the hdmi will be better for the general public.
After two nights of playing with the directors x2 synergistic cables I have a good grasp on these ultra high end video cables.

I was not sure what I would get with this costly of a cable. I do know for sure that video cables do make a difference due to upgrading component about 4 times now. I started with a top model phoenix gold. Then a top end monster z300. Then a harmonic technology, to finally the bettercables silver reference. In this price range the bettercables are about as good you may get till you spend more.

Each time I upgraded i recieved whiter whites and blacker blacks. From the harmonic to better cables I did little comparing but from what I remember the better cables where a little deeper with everything.

I spent a lot of time with the directors reference the last two nights to make sure of my conclusion. I went back and forth using the same couple dvds I have been using for years to compare the video aspect of things. I run a 55 inch toshiba hd.

My first thought when comparing was its not night and day. Again, the better cables are darn good. Meaning, my wife may not notice anything.

But, after further comparing I did notice things. I think for best results I should be doing this a week after the x2 shielding has a chance to fully charge. This upgrade netted different improvements then all the other cable upgrades I have ever done. All the other cable upgrades was about the more vibrant and deeper everything. Well, the directors ref had that over the better cables silver ref but this is where it was not night and day. Nothing will be night and day as far as deeper colors and blacks over the better cables.

Where I really like the directors ref and something no other cables have done is better smoothness. I remember talking to Ted Denny of synergistic and he told me the directors ref will be more film like. I was not sure what that would look like but it was true. Smoother and more filmlike images.

Not sure, but I think what may be going on is the active shielding is keeping the harmful noise away from the signal, thus allowing the signal to be more easily transfered. Or to put it another way, traditional cables pick up noise along the cable and then ends up displaying it on the video screen.

Just like active shielding gives cleaner sound it most also give cleaner video. Thats why its smoother and cleaner. The other thing I noticed was a tad better detail. Textures on clothings where a bit better defined.

All in all it is a much more pleasing experience. I did not want to turn off Breakfast at Tiffanys the first night. Its starting to look more natural and real which is great when talking about Audry in her hottest role. The best way I could explain is things look more life like or that I am looking through a window. I have wondered for years about the super high end cable thing and am glad I have experienced the changes through all the cable lines. Now my wife may not notice but I do.

Hopefully this can help someone.
Thanks Freemand; I appreciate your input. You know I forgot: I do own the Silver Serpent. I forgot about this because I run this cable to my projector--but never use it.
Long ago it was all I used.--I now do TWC instead of D*. TWC box has hdmi-out--My older D* boxes were component only.
Since I went HD-dvd and latter BD / and the fact that component doesn't allow 1080 with these newer players. (Using component forces down rezing to 720 and PQ suffers.)
My Mitz. is the model w/ the 9in guns. I bought the extended warranty so till the lcd's get better blacks, I'll be keeping this set.---From what I read at avsforum--this is the best of the old rptv's,for HD viewing.
Also, I'm one of those whom only use the projector for dvd's;I never use it for "just-tv"; either.--Heck I never use Surround Sound for "just the tv". I do however love to get the best picture for the "tv". Maybe I have strange viewing habits but I save the best for "movies-on-dvd".
I would require around 4mts. and that would be more costly.
I do use SR cables/ics and cords and own the Quattro box.
I would interpret your findings to be what I might expect: more money, more quality and that is a good thing.
Also, I use the Adept Response for both tv and projector, and that is a nice step for video quality.
Funny, I put the directors ref on my dvd. I use a high def sat reciever to get hd tv programming and did not think for a second of putting the directors ref on that. The better cables will get the sat receiver for tv now and the harmonic will come out.

For the high end sound I am getting many would think I need a serious video monitor to match. I have a first gen high def. I would disagree and think very early hd technology is quite good yet. It needs to be a good monitor from the first generation, but I have done a lot of mods and tweeks to my tv and am running a modded arcam 27a which is there best ever dvd player (the only one that ever used the silicon optix chip) and rated and does component better then their newer unit. So the arcam with the synergistic directors x2 on a first gen big screen monitor has a very true video to it. Super black, great whites and accurate flesh tones and shading. It looks real and natural. It will lack in the detail area compared to a dlp with blue ray, but thats one area I can live with.

I have tried so hard to fight the "I need new technology to have a relevant and top end system". Theres been a couple times several years ago I almost caved in and was going to buy something new. I am glad I did not cause I would want another new one with all the much newer technology today. Its a hamster on a wheel for some people.

When a person spends $3000 for a tv you expect to get more then 6 to 8 years out of it. I will live with this for several more years yet or untill the big screen breaks down.

Let me know if you ever want to get rid of the quattro for active shielding. I have a flood of power modules and think its time for something to hook them all up to.
Hey;Freemand-- I was given the oppotunity to trade in my 'ole double module box for the quattro for 300 ducats and I jumped.--(Straight from Elliot)
Boy I got fooled yesterday--- I hadn't done 2ch in about 7/10 days.--You know new toys get the higher priority-- anyways, I turned on the 2ch stuff---(I had also changed a power cord to my pre)--The music was so flat and I was thinking maybe being idle ;things had to warm up/or 'sumtin'
I listen for an hr. or so and just figgured I better get off my duff 'n have a look-see.--I had borrowed the cord fron the quattro--DUH?? Once powered up the magic came back. Maybe sometimes it's good to hear these cables w/o; to really appreciate what this box do.--it do magic.
I also have the Arcam 27 but not the A version.
When I was using my Toshiba XA1;HD player, the Arcam was much better for SD discs.--Now I have the Pioneer Elite '95 and it betters the Arcam for SD.--{new better deinterlacing chip}--DVD players have come a long way.
Wish I could have gotten my tv for 3k. SD is so close to the HD channels it is scary. IMO; thanks to their SA 8300 hd/ dvr--and I only use component--w/ a 4in one out switcher. When I first got this switcher I tested straight to the tv and with;-- No dif, I could detect.
BTW, with this '95-- blueray looks fantastic on component.--Unlike BD from my Samsung 1200,player.---YES, I love drinking from those bottles attached to my cage--