Component video cable problem

hello everyone I just got a new component video cable and tried connecting it from my 9000es to my sharp xv-s55u projector(LCD) and for some reason it doesn't seem to work, wtf?? I previously used s-video with out any issues at all and now going to component video I get NO picture. I checked to make sure the cables were connected to the correct inputs/outputs. What happens is the component video input on the projector is input 3, the input I used previously was input 1, so when going from input 1 to 3 I get a quick scrambled picture(what should be showing, sort of) and then to a blue screen, for those familiar with the 9000es has a screen saver so to speak and you should NEVER see a blue screen when the player is connected to a video source, I checked also to make sure the 9000es didn't have the video off clicked, it wasn't the problem. If I wasn't balding already I would be pulling my hair out!!! Any thoughts?(and no rogaine ain't the solution) is it possible these two units are not compatible to use component video?? I also played with the selectable/interlace/progressive scan button on the rear of the 9000es and still nothin. Thanks for any input(no pun intendid) ~Tim
I have a problem with component video cable, also, from my 9000ES to my Runco DTV-5800 rear projection. I get a distorted dark picture, but no blue screen. Thinking it had to do with the TV, I've been trying to get Runco to do something about it, but since you've brought this up, maybe it's the Sony.
My player is at Sony right now for another problem, and I expect another call from them (got one today) since they can't seem to replicate it. I'll ask when he calls again about the component video question (he's a tech supervisor). The problem I'm having is that I have to press the "open/close" and "pause" buttons on the remote twice to get them to work, and, half the time, I have to press the green "on/off" remote button several times to get the player to turn on. It's the second remote Sony sent me, so the problem is not with the remote. Experience anything like that with yours?
I use a component video cable with my 9000es with no problem. I was going to ask if you made sure that video off was not set, but you did that, so beats me.

You sure it's not the projector?
Do you have just a regular processor to trouble shoot with or even another dvd player around? come on, you're one of us, you gotta have at least one of everything you have somewhere somehow, right?
(like you got this kind of time on your hands, eh, Tim?)
Component video is the RCA type with multiple connections. Check the color code and be sure the plugs are in the right place. It is also possible the wires are marked in error.

As a test, using only one of the plugs at a time, go from component out of the 9000 to component input on the TV. Each wire should pass the signal and deliver a good picture. If one cannot, it has a problem. This will also verify the color is marked the same at both ends of the run.

If all this checks out, it may be time to call the manufacturer.
Thanks for the help everyone I will give your suggestions a shot. Of course I have a spare DVD player laying around aj, what kinda audiophile do you think I am!! Anyone else having issues with there 9000es?? I was more expecting it to be the projector that is having the problems.
I had thesame problem with my sony 7700 DVD player, it was the brand new component monster cable that was the problem. Got a component cable from Better Cables--no problem. Check the component video cable on a friend's system.
my money's on input 3 on the projector
Well I had time to try a few of these suggestions, it is the 9000es, I was expecting it to be something else!! Glad I didn't have it modded yet, got my reciept in hand, time to deal with this situation now. Thanks for your help everyone. ~Tim
Tim, bummer - fill us in on what you find out, eh? - angela