Component Video Cable Diminishing Returns?

Where does the performance/price curve start to flatten out for video cables?

I was planning to purchase the Belden 7710A component video cables (three 1694A cables in one jacket) with Canare connectors from Ram Electronics because they seem like a good value, but then a friend offered to get me a deal on Audioquest cables. I could get Audioquest YIQ-X or maybe even YIQ-1 for just a little more than the Belden cables. Normally they would be 2 - 4 times the cost.

Will I see any picture quality difference between these cables? Any chance that the Audioquest cables might actually look worse than the Ram cables?
I haven't seen any of the cable of to which you refer, however, I have noticed considerable differences from cable to cable. between componenet cables and between s-video cables, not so much between different composite cables though. I'd go with the A-quest.
I recently upgraded from the $99 Silver Serpent component cable to their Silver Serpent Reference component cable ($199). To me, the difference was meaningful enough to justify the $100 difference, but that of course is completely subjective. I have digital HDTV cable, which will do a poor job on some weaker channels unless you use a really good component video cable. Performance improved in a way that I now have no problem watching some of those weaker channels because of the improved performace given by the S.S. Reference.
Hi Chouca,
I dont have the direct answer to your question but I wanted
to toss in the little bit that I have experianced. First
off you dont include what you want to use your cables with,
so it is hard to say where the price/performance would begin to really apply.

I use a Toshiba SD-9200 DVD/DVDAudio player for movies, no
longer available new but, dvd performance is remarkable.
My set is the Loewe Aconda 38".

I started to use the AQ yic's as they are a very capable
cable, but I felt that would have short changed my equip-
ments capabilaties unless I went to the YIQ-5's which I
felt were not worth their cost in performance.

I decided on the Acoustic Zen Silver Photon Component cables ($265). Video performance on my set is Unbelievable,
you can easily tell the differance in quality of production
from movie to movie. Less expensive than the 5's and as
good or better in performance.

If I were to go with lesser cables such as the Beldins,or
the Yiq-1's, or 2's, etc... some of this breathtakeing
performance would not make it to the screen.

The quality of your video gear will determin what level of
cable quality you need, what you can afford may be a differant story. The AQ Yic's are very good cables, and
worth the extra cost in my opinion over lesser cables, unless their abilaties are lost on your gear.

However if you want, or need really sweet cables, consider
the Zen Silver Photons. I am still amazed every time I watch a movie.

Thanks for the responses.

Display: NEC HT1000
Source: EAD Theatervision-P, Camelot Roundtable, or the equivalent (I'm shopping :)

Eventually I'll get a player with DVI out, but there seem to be issues with the current crop, so for now I'll run component out. I tried the Samsung HD931 to see how DVI looked and the picture had a distracting grain that was often quite prominent. It looked like the picture was printed on bumpy paper; evidently this is edge enhancement that was incorrectly enabled over the DVI connection.

I need an 8 meter cable, so it looks like the Silver Photon would run around $1200, which is out of my budget. The appeal of the Audioquest is in the discount I can get, otherwise my only option would be the Ram cable (short of waiting several more months and saving up for cables).

It sounds like there are observable improvements in picture quality as you move up the cable price ladder, which indicates that I should go with the Audioquest.