Component video cable

Looking for recommendations for to purchase reasonable priced component video cable (or 3 separate video cables) to feed a Loewe TV from a Panasonic DVD. Would like to spend $75-$125. Any suggestions? Please include source )email, web, etc.). Suggestions I have so far are Tara video i, Straigthwire silverlink, and Tara HT (in ascending order of price and quality, I'm told.
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I just purchased From Markertek (3) 10ft. lengths of their professional video cable terminated w/ RCA's and it is great. I have a Pioneer DV37 hooked up in progressive scan to a Toshiba 61HX70 HDTV and the picture is awesome. I tried other off the shelf cables and the Markertek cable is superior. I was getting fuzzy pixilations on the image edges with the other cable and with this it is a smooth defined edge with no interference. arkertek is a great place for cables. They are a professional source for TV stations and pro video businesses.You can see the cables at: Click in the box on the left that says the RCA to RCA video cables. They are a bargain.Also request a catalog from them they have a lot of cool stuff.
Seriouly take a look at Lat Internatinal, I have tried quite a few brands and this one has represented the best buy by far. The build quality alone will convince you. makes good video cables, at bargain prices. All canare wire, good construction.
Canare has a great reputation and I intend on getting some.
The best video in the market. Go to: I have been use separate video cables but this better cable the best. Good luck.